The origins of the “best man” are a bit murky but were thought to originate centuries ago, where the groom would have to steal his bride-to-be away from her disapproving family.

The best man, therefore, was usually the best swordsman who could fight off anyone who wanted to steal the bride back.

That tradition did not survive through to modern times, but the best man is still a mainstay of any modern marriage ceremony. So what exactly are the best man duties that you’ll be expected to perform?

Best Man Duties: Before the Wedding

Man in a black suit

Introduce the Other Groomsmen to Each Other

Help the Groom Choose a Tux

Organize the Groomsmen’s Fittings

Coordinate Travel and Accommodations

Plan and Give the Bachelor Party

Best Man Duties: Shortly Before, During, and After the Wedding

man putting corsage on a man wearing black suit

Attend the Rehearsal Dinner

Sign the Marriage Certificate as a Witness

Help the Groom and Other Groomsmen Get Ready

Be the Emotional Support for the Groom

Stand Next to the Groom During the Ceremony

Hold the Rings Until the Ring Exchange

Help the Maid of Honor Get Everyone Together for Photos

Best Man Duties: During the Wedding Reception

best man

Stand Next to the Bride in the Receiving Line

Play Host During the Reception

Dance with the Maid of Honor during the First Dance

Give the Best Man Speech

Make Sure the Bride and Groom Get Back to Their Room Safely

Being the Best Man is an Honor

If the groom chooses you as the best man, treat it like the honor it is. He has entrusted you with helping him have a night that he’ll remember for the rest of his life. You’ll be able to help make sure that everything goes well and that the newlyweds start their new married life on a happy note.


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