How To Address Save The Dates

You’ve gotten engaged, gotten the engagement photos taken and the prints back, and now you’re starting to plan your wedding.

Once you’ve got the date set and the website up, what’s your next step?

You should start designing and getting ready to send out your save-the-dates.

Wondering How To Address Save The Dates? Know About Them First

Save the dates are formal wedding announcements that are usually sent after an engagement to guests that you want to invite to your wedding.

Most save-the-dates are sent out six to seven months before the wedding to help guests who plan to attend. These differ from formal invitations, as they usually don’t include meal options or RSVP cards like formal invitations do.

If you plan to have a destination wedding, then you should send out your save-the-dates eight or nine months before your wedding so that your guests have enough time to book travel accommodations and hotel rooms (and get a passport, if it’s out of the country) without running the risk of doing everything last minute.

Sending out your save-the-dates any earlier is unnecessary, as most of your guests won’t need any longer to plan their travel to the ceremony. However, it’s a nice courtesy for your guests so don’t wait or forget to send them.

Save-the-dates are a great way to showcase your engagement photos, give hints toward the theme of your wedding, and get your family and friends excited for the upcoming celebration.

What Should You Put In Your Save The Dates?

Save the date
for the wedding of

George Lovegood
Jasmine Parker

March 17, 2020
Denver, Colorado

Invitation to follow

Basic Info to Include

Some Wording Templates

Addressing Your Save The Dates

writing an invitation

In figuring out how to address save-the-dates, there are a few rules that you should follow. Most of these rules are based on the same etiquette that you learned for addressing normal letters, just a bit more formal. We’ve included some examples below.

Sending to a Single Female

Ms. Keisha Cole

3343 Jones Street

Denver, Colorado


Sending to a Single Male

Sending to Families

Sending to a Married Couple

Sending to a Divorced Female Who Kept Her Married Name

Sending to a Dating Couple or Couple with Different Last Names

Other Tips On How To Address Save The Dates

wedding invitations

Write Everything Out

Clearly State Who Is Invited

Abbreviate Titles Only

Don’t Send Electronic Save the Dates

Don’t Forget to Write Your Return Address on the Back

Have Fun With Your Save The Dates

Creating and addressing your save-the-dates don’t need to be as complicated as people make it out to be.

A lot of the etiquette that you follow in addressing the envelopes is very similar to the way you would address any normal letter that you drop in the post.

It’s just a more formal version that you send to your friends and family to help them get excited about this big celebration that you’re about to have in your life.

Have fun with it, and keep as casual or formal as you’d like it to be. It’s your wedding, after all.


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