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Blue Nile Reviews: Complete Guide For Your Diamond Needs

blue nile reviews

One of the biggest parts of a wedding is the ring. Not only for the wedding itself, but for the engagement as well.

Rings are key parts of any matrimony. Not only do they symbolize the bond between partners, but they also act as an important fashion piece and public statement later on.

However, as great as a good diamond is, not everyone has an endless budget to spend on a ring. Blue Nile fixes that by providing you with great rings at many different prices so that you can always get great quality at your budget.

An Industry Giant

Any number of Blue Nile reviews will tell you that it is one of the biggest online diamond realtors. In fact, in 2004 it sold as many engagement rings throughout the United States as Tiffany and Co. It has only grown since that time.

The company offers some of the best diamond rings on the market, especially when you compare cost and quality.

You can get just about every diamond you’d ever need from them, which is one of the biggest reasons so many people choose them over the competition.

In fact, they have nearly 140,000 loose diamonds listed. That gives them one of the largest diamond inventories on Earth.

Any Ring You Could Ever Want

wedding couple holding hands

Blue Nile is a diamond company, which means they offer rings. Lots and lots of rings.

One of the best things about their easy to use website (which makes both tracking and searching a breeze) is that they are bound to have anything you could ever want. Simply slide the bars or narrow your search to specific characteristics.

While there are plenty of options, the company is best known for their exceptional diamond engagement rings.

Here, you have two choices. You can use Blue Nile’s simple process to create your own, or you can purchase one from the site’s incredible selection.

When creating your own, you choose the ring setting and then diamond, which differs based on shape, cut, size, and various other important characteristics.

This buying process will work for anyone, even those who do not have a lot of experience with fine jewelry.

If you are worried or nervous that you’re in over your head, you can also check out the site’s in-depth educational page to find the diamond for you.

Wedding Rings and Fancy Diamonds

diamond wedding rings

Engagement rings are important, but they are not the only thing Blue Nile offers.

The company also makes fantastic wedding bands. That is great for people getting married, and it helps you find both an engagement ring and wedding band in one place.

There are many rings to choose from (both male and female) and they are available in cobalt, gold, platinum, palladium, and carbide.

Furthermore, if you want something a bit more special, Blue Nile also gives you the option to purchase fancy color diamonds. While that name may seem a bit silly, the naturally colored gems are beautiful to look at.

Yellow is the most common color, but the site has them in pink and green as well.

This is not something you’ll see on most wedding websites, but it is a great option to have for when browsing for the perfect stone.

Designer diamonds are also an option. You will find all of the top brands on the site, as well as various special designers.

More than Your Standard Jewelry

wedding ring on woman's finger

As Blue Nile reviews show, the company is known for its diamond rings. However, they offer a few other jewelry options as well.

They have pearls (Akoya, Freshwater, South Sea, and Tahitian) in addition to pendants, earrings, and bracelets. Those can then be outfitted with gemstones, diamonds, or even plain metal.

Their necklaces and earrings can be customized like their rings, while the other options come from excellent pre-made products.

A Multitude of Finance Options

investing a ring

As mentioned above, diamonds can be expensive. Though that is not a problem for some, it is always good to have various price points when it comes to investing in a ring.

Blue Nile offers multiple ways to finance your purchase, allowing anyone to get the ring they love without going over their budget.

First, the company offers the Blue Nile credit card. This is an exclusive card with no interest plan that offers special financing on your purchase, exclusive offers, no annual fee, and easy online account management.

Those traits are wonderful and make the card a perfect option for anyone who plans to make several purchases through the site.

Finance Plans and Price Match

woman wearing wedding ring

The next way to finance your ring is through one of Blue Nile’s special finance plans. These typically include 0 percent interest for 6 months on any purchase between $500 and $1,499 and 0 percent interest for 12 months for any purchases of $1,500 or more.

That is great value, but just be sure to pay within that timeframe to avoid the 27.24 percent APR that comes about after the promotional period runs out.

Finally, another great bonus of using Blue Nile is their price match option. While many companies offer price match, it is rare in the jewelry industry.

By guaranteeing the lowest possible prices the company ensures you get the best deals. As long as you find an identical (or nearly identical) diamond ring at a cheaper price on another site, Blue Nile will lower theirs to match it.

Returns and a Rock Solid Warranty

guarantee price tag

Though diamonds are forever, you never know what may happen in life. For that reason, it always helps to have some extra insurance behind your purchase.

Blue Nile offers that on many different levels, giving you a range of protection not typically available with bigger jewelers.

The bottom layer of that protection is their 30-day full-refund return policy. That will not only give you plenty of time to return a ring if something doesn’t go according to plan, but it also allows you to send it back if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

This also comes with a fully insured, free shipping label that can be sent to you via email.

Backing that assurance is Blue Nile’s lifetime warranty. The company states that they will repair or recycle any ring that is damaged due to a manufacturing defect. They offer customers a complimentary cleaning and inspection as well.

Upgrades and Complete Insurance

diamond stones

Another reason there are so many positive Blue Nile reviews is because, if years down the line you or your partner wants a bigger ring, you can get it.

Blue Nile always gives you the option to return the diamond (as long as it is in original condition) for 100 percent credit towards a new diamond.

While the price of the new diamond must be at least double the cost of the original, this prevents “buyer’s remorse” and ensures that you will always be able to get your perfect diamond even if it takes a little bit of time to afford it.

If you want, you can also ask Blue Nile for an insurance quote. The company has teamed up with Jewelers Mutual Insurance Co., the nation's leading jewelry insurer, to make sure you always get the best possible price.

This is easy to integrate. Simply add the cost of the quote to your total purchase at the time of check out.

Affordable Price Points

diamond ring

It is not easy to get great diamonds at low prices, but this is one area where Blue Nile absolutely shines.

By selling diamonds that basically come straight from manufacturers and wholesalers the company has an enormous inventory with competitive prices.

Almost all of their diamonds come at razor-thin margins, creating a benefit for anyone buying from them.

Another big point of that comes from the fact that Blue Nile is a leader of the online diamond market. That has enabled them to build relationships with some of the largest wholesalers on Earth, creating a system where they can sell high-quality stones at great prices.

It may seem too good to be true in some cases, but it is just one of the advantages of using the site over others.

New Line Technology

ring worn on the finger

Though Blue Nile was slow to catch up to modern technology (something that you will see noted in many past Blue Nile reviews) they have rapidly risen in that area by providing their customers a chance to see any potential diamond before making a purchase.

While they fell behind initially, they have now introduced their own video technology that helps everyone get a great idea of what their stone will look like when it arrives.

All of the images are extremely clear, and they give customers a perfect glimpse into exactly the way their ring will come out once it’s shipped.

This feature may not seem like much, but it is extremely important because it makes sure that you’ll never feel cheated that you paid for something you didn’t want. You know your purchase upfront.

Meeting All of Your Needs

woman holing a ring in focus

Blue Nile is a gigantic company with competitive prices. However, that does not mean much if they don’t also provide great customer service.

The online realtor has many ways to help their potential customers, including a live chat option. The ability to instantly talk and connect to a real person is a great bonus that is becoming more and rarer in today’s increasingly digital world.

Even with more complicated or complex orders, you can be reassured that all of your questions will be answered in a timely and efficient manner.

Another bonus of this system is that, if you’re nervous about the shopping process you can also contact support to get help with picking out your ring.

Beyond that, the company also offer excellent support overseas. Blue Nile ships to all parts of the world, which makes them the best company to buy through when you’re abroad. This applies even if you plan on picking up your order within the United States.

The reason for that is the site lists all prices in local currencies and they will take the extra steps to make sure your package arrives, no matter where you’re located.

Comfortable and Stylish Packaging

stylish ring packaging

Rings, while resilient, can be a bit fragile. For that reason, it is common for people to worry about them being shipped (especially across countries or oceans).

However, Blue Nile understands that and equips their shipments with packaging that is both cushioned and well-designed.

The box works on two levels. One, it protects the jewelry, and two, it looks like a high-quality ring box should.

The packaging enhances your purchase in that it provides you with the feel of a luxury item. This is important because it makes your item feel important rather than just like another package showing up at your door.

In terms of design, the box has sleek, clean lines that bring everything together in a nice way. Though there are more fancy packaging options out there, the minimalist approach from Blue Nile is something that works on multiple levels.

It is not for everyone, but there is no denying that it comes across nicely.

Conflict Free

laying hands

The final point to touch upon in these Blue Diamond reviews is that the company ensures all of the stones it sells are humane.

Many people may worry about purchasing conflict diamonds, but that is not a concern here.

As Blue Nile only works with the world’s most respected suppliers, every diamond is tracked with the special “Kimberly Process” from the mine all the way to the market.

Meeting All Your Diamond Needs

Blue Nile is a company that offers endless options to meet all of your jewelry needs. No matter what you’re in the market for, be it an engagement ring a wedding band or special gift, you will leave satisfied.

It is rare that you can get affordable quality stones, but Blue Nile is filled with them. If you love accessible options behind a clean interface, this is the best site to go with.

Options For Wedding Diamond Rings

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Wedding Photography Essentials: How To Pick Your Photographer

wedding photography

Your wedding photographer will capture the most precious moments on the happiest day of your life. So, you shouldn’t put such an important job in the hands of someone you don’t trust or isn’t reliable.

A wedding photographer should be chosen with care. You want to find a professional who has a great reputation for providing brides and grooms with exceptional results. These photos will hang on your walls and be a part of your family’s history from this point forward.

Therefore, you should find only the best wedding photographer who can take care of this very important job for you.

How to Find a Professional in Wedding Photography to Hire

There are several things that you should keep in mind when it comes to looking for a professional wedding photographer to capture your big day. Here are a few steps that will set you on the right path to locating the very best person in the wedding photography industry in your local area.

Choose the Style You Want

wedding prenup

Before you start researching the best photographers in your area, you should figure out what type of photography style you have in mind.

Do you want to have a documentary style of photographs that showcase every little event that happens throughout the day such as getting ready, decorating, or rehearsals? Or do you want traditional portrait style photos of the wedding party, bride and groom, family members and during the ceremony?

These are things to consider when choosing a photographer because there may be some who specialize in certain areas more than others.

Do Your Own Research

wedding memo

Your neighbor or co-worker may know the perfect person for you to hire for your big day who will do a perfect job at your wedding, but it is important that you do your own research to find the right photographer who will meet your specific needs and provide you with the wedding photos that you have always dreamed of.

Check out online reviews for wedding photography experts in your area and take the time to find out what former customers have to say about each one you have in mind. Don’t simply rely on suggestions from friends and family members without giving it a second thought, as that could lead to a huge mistake.

Interview Potential Wedding Photographers


If you have more than one wedding photographer in mind and are having problems deciding, you should set up a time to interview each one and find out more about their experience with the type of wedding photography you have in mind.

You can either meet with them face to face or you can do an interview over the phone. You may even want to reach out to them online by email or on their social media page. Any way to get to know the photographer better is a good way to help you make the right decision on who to hire.

Request to See Samples of Their Work

man and woman talking over business

You will be able to make a better decision on which photographer you should go with if you request to see a full wedding album of their past work. Most photographers keep several of their prints from other clients to add to their growing portfolio.

So, they should have some readily available to you to help you get a better idea of what they can do. And if they have a website, the photographer is likely to have plenty of samples for potential customers to check out in their own time.

Find out as much as you can about their past work so that you will have a better understanding of what they are capable of doing with your own wedding photos. You may want to view two or three full galleries of their work, as well as some of their additional projects that may or may not involve wedding photos just to get a good idea of their creativity and range.

And be sure to request to see samples of their work that goes along with your wedding venue such as outdoor wedding photos or pictures taken in low light settings.

Be Critical While Reviewing the Album

wwe aregetting married wedding invitation

Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion and provide some constructive criticism as needed to the wedding photographer. After all, you will be paying a lot of money for their services if they are hired. Therefore, you need to make sure that this particular photographer is the person you want for the job.

When reviewing the sample album, look for the key moments that you want captured for your own ceremony. Did they get those photos in any of the samples provided? Did they capture the moment when the bride and groom saw each other for the first time? Was there ever too much clutter in the frame or too much going on in the background that took away from the main image?

It is also important that you detect sensitivity when the photos capture people’s emotions. Make sure that the subjects look relaxed and not like a deer caught in the headlights when they are photographed.

Do Your Personalities Mesh Well?

wedding photography in the middle of the water

It may not seem very important at first but check out online reviews for wedding photographers. You will quickly find out if the photographer’s personality doesn’t mesh well with the couple’s, the photo shoot will end up a disaster. This person will be capturing the most memorable day of your life and take photos of you in some very intimate and personal moments. You need to feel comfortable around them so that you can relax and be yourself fin the photos.

Pay attention to their mannerisms while you are talking to them prior to hiring them. Are they anxious? Do they seem timid or do they seem like the type of person who would be the life of the party? They should be able to get along with everyone and make every person being photographed always feel at ease whether it is the mother of the groom or the flower girl.

Getting everyone rounded up for a group photo can be time-consuming and stressful so you want to find a wedding photographer who is calm, relaxed, and capable of waiting around for everyone to gather up for a photo op.

Confirm All Your Photographers

chinese wedding photography

If you are working with a large photo studio for your wedding photos, it is possible that they have more than one photographer on staff and the lead photographer may not be available on the date of your wedding. You will need to specify if you want the lead photographer to take pictures at your wedding on the contract or if you are okay with someone else taking on the job.

If you don’t mind having another photographer do the job, if possible, you should at least meet with them to go over their samples and learn more about their personality before the wedding day. If you are working with an individual wedding photographer, check to see if they will have an assistant with them to help out on the big day.

If you have room in your budget, you may even want to consider hiring a second photographer to take on some of the load, or take a different style of photos if you prefer. Just make sure you confirm who is in charge of what before the wedding day arrives.

Compare All Packages

man taking a look at printed pictures

It is impossible to come up with the exact dollar amount you will pay the photographer until you are sure about which packages you want and how many albums you will need. Packages can range from $2,500 to $15,000 or more for professional photos. So be absolutely certain that you choose the right photographer and you know what you are buying before you sign the check.

When you interview your potential candidates for the job, you should ask for a general estimate for the photos as well as their standard shooting fee, which is very common among professional photographers. You need to find out everything that’s included in the standard package as well as the rates for any extras like special effects or an added engagement photo shoot.

Find out exactly how many hours of coverage are included and how much you will need to pay for any extra time they have allotted.

Ask About Your Rights

men talking in front of laptop

Be sure to find out about your rights as a customer and who owns the rights to all the photos taken at your wedding. The photographer has the right to use them as part of their portfolio and can even place them in ads. Any watermarked images or those that have credit to the photographer can’t be copied without their permission in most cases.

However, there are some studios that will allow you to buy the rights to your photos so that you can print and make as many copies as you want.

Choosing the Right Photographer Is an Important Part of the Wedding Process

Choosing the right photographer for your wedding is an important part of your wedding plans. You want to make sure to get the right person for the job so that you will have many beautiful images of your special day to look back on years from now.

Be sure to read up on reviews and interview several photographers before you make a final decision on who should capture your memorable moments.

Other Stuff You Need On Your Wedding Photos

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How Much Should A Wedding DJ Cost?

wedding dj cost

A wedding DJ can be the highlight of any dull wedding reception and if you want to hire the very best in your local area, you will need to be willing to pay the price. In this industry, you often get exactly what you paid for with the most expensive DJ’s having the best equipment, playing all your favorite tracks and having a great attitude that helps get the party started. Choosing an affordable DJ could result in listening to an outdated playlist and little to no communication to help get the crowd involved.

What Is Considered Reasonable for a Wedding DJ Cost?

You don’t want to spend a majority of your wedding budget on a DJ that doesn’t live up to your standards. But at the same time, you want to have a reception that is memorable and fun so that all of your guests will have a great time. This is your way of thanking them for helping you with your wedding and being there for the ceremony. Your parents, best friends, and family members who traveled a long distance deserve the very best.

If you have never hired a DJ before, it is likely that you have no idea what it costs to hire a decent one. This can be nerve-wrecking because you may think you are getting a great deal only to find out that you spent too much money on an amateur. Therefore, it is important to take the time to do a little research of your own and find out how much should a wedding DJ cost.

Wedding planners and event experts agree that this is one of the most popular questions they are asked by brides and grooms. And it actually is not an easy question to answer, mainly because there is so much misinformation out there.

The average cost for a 4-hour wedding reception, for example, will vary based on the level of quality you want. No one wants to pay for a tacky wedding DJ that will only play a certain type of music and never takes requests. So here are a few estimates to consider.

For around $200 to $300, you can get an inexperienced DJ that is likely only working part-time for some extra cash here and there. DJ-ing is their hobby, not their occupation. And while they may take pride in their craft, these DJs are usually not very good.

For $400 to $600, you can get a DJ that will have more experience than a beginner, but it is highly likely that they are also just a part-time DJ and do not dedicate their spare time to improving their skills.

For $1k to $2.5k and up, you can get a professional, well-trained DJ who has more experience than the others mentioned here. They will often work full time as a DJ and that means they are constantly working on their craft to find new ways to improve it.

If you can afford it, the wedding DJ that costs between $1k and $2.5k would be your best option. But unfortunately, most couples can ‘t afford that type of professionalism. Unless you have someone else footing the bill for your wedding, you may have to pass on the professional wedding DJ.

You also have your wedding budget to consider when you start looking for a wedding DJ. If you haven’t paid for all your decorations, your dress, the caterers or the venue yet and you are considering hiring a very expensive DJ. You could run into some issues. Make sure that you filter in the Wedding DJ costs before you make a final decision on who you want to hire.

How to Hire a Wedding DJ While on a Budget


If you are on a tight budget for your upcoming nuptials, you can’t expect to pay out more for a wedding DJ than you do for other important services such as catering or the venue. Here are a few things to consider that may help to decrease your spending so that you can have the perfect wedding and the perfect DJ at your reception.

Consider Hiring a Friend

Conduct Interviews

Go to a Show

Do You Really Need a DJ?

Choosing the Right DJ for your Wedding


There are a few things that you should keep in mind when it comes to hiring a wedding DJ. Here are a few facts about wedding DJ cost.

  • The average cost for a wedding DJ is $1k.
  • Most couples spend between $750 and $1,400 for a wedding DJ.
  • The lower range prices for DJ’s is $450 or less.
  • The higher range prices for DJ’s is $2k or more.

Services Offered by a Wedding DJ

disk jockey

A wedding DJ will play music all throughout your wedding reception. They may even play during your ceremony if you don’t have any musicians scheduled. Of course, this would be for an additional fee. The DJ can also serve as the emcee for your reception. They will make announcements to the crowd, introduce speakers such as the Best Man or Maid of Honor and basically take control of the show.

The qualities of a great DJ include an outgoing personality, energetic, being able to read the crowd and in-tune with the latest music hits as well as old favorites that are appropriate for a wedding reception. They know what songs are perfect for father/daughter dances and the first dance between the bride and groom. They also know what songs to play to keep the crowd entertained and moving.

Remember that the high cost of a wedding DJ isn’t just paying for their time playing music. They took the time to put together a witty script for your wedding and a playlist. They also had to travel to the reception site, set up and use their own equipment. Your bill also covers their operational costs and any insurance they may have on their pricey equipment.

What Determines a Reasonable Wedding DJ Cost?

Hiring a wedding DJ can be tricky because many of us have never had to do it before and don’t have anything to compare the price to. Fortunately, there are plenty of review websites available online, but if the DJ you have in mind is just getting started, they may not have many reviews for you to check out. It is often best to go with a DJ that has years of experience, one who is outgoing, and one who DJ’s full time instead of part time. You know that they depend on this work to make a living and therefore they will strive to do a good job for all of their customers. Always be sure to do a short interview with the DJ’s you have in mind and make sure that their personality and attitude will work well at your wedding reception.

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In-Depth Review To The Home Depot Wedding Registry

home depot wedding registry

When you heard that there was a wedding registry available at Home Depot, what was your initial reaction? Many people whether they were in the middle of planning a wedding or not, thought it was one of the strangest things they had ever heard of. If you do a quick online search for more information about the wedding registry at the home improvement store, you will find several results that contain plenty of question marks.

Traditionally, when we think about wedding gift registries, we think of houseware items. New bedding, sheet sets, fluffy throw pillows, dish towels, pure cotton bath towels, cookware, you get it. Lumber and power tools are not usually the first thing that comes to mind.

But there are actually a few great things about registering for wedding gifts at Home Depot that you may not have thought about, but they make perfect sense.

Why You Should Consider Home Depot Wedding Registry

It may not be traditional, but here are a few good reasons why brides-to-be should register at the popular home improvement store.

Wedding Gifts are for both the Bride and Groom

bride and groom beach pictorial

Let’s face it, the cookware and frilly bedding may not be the ultimate gifts for the groom. Sure, he’ll use them, but most of the time the bride is more excited about receiving traditional wedding gifts than the groom. Registering at Home Depot will let your guy who loves tools or home renovation have a turn with adding fun gifts that he will love as well.

Renovating a Home? What Better Gift Than Something from Home Depot?

household items

Whether you are in the process of buying your first home or have plans to renovate the current home you are living in once your significant other officially moves in, you’re going to need all the tools, lumber and necessities that the Home Depot has to offer. Especially if you are moving into a fixer upper that is in desperate need of repairs. If that is the case, what could you benefit from more? A new set of China or a new floor that you’re going to have to buy anyway?

Is the Bride a DIY-er?

bride in a wedding dress

There are all types of brides out there and while some can’t wait to register with Tiffany & Co., you have others who think a Home Depot Wedding Registry is the best idea in the world. If the bride loves to redecorate, repair, build, and do her own repairs, she shouldn’t stop all that now that she’s getting married. Instead she should share this fun and rewarding hobby with her future spouse.

Gift Cards Can Make Life Easier in the Future

gift card

Give your guests the option to purchase gift cards for Home Depot instead of something off the registry. These cards will come in handy later on when you need to buy a replacement part for the kitchen sink, a new washer or dryer, lumber, or even patio furniture.

What Items Should a New Couple Add to Their Home Depot Wedding Registry?

wedding gifts

If you love the idea of having a Home Depot Wedding Registry, but aren’t sure about what to add, here are a few suggestions.

Maytag 24 in. Front Control Built-In Dishwasher

Maytag 24 in. Front Control Built-In Dishwasher

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This Maytag 24 in. Front Control Built-In Dishwasher in Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel and a Stainless Steel Tub is an excellent item for any new couple. Washing dishes by hand can be a chore and will take away from the quality time you want to share together. This dishwasher features one of the most powerful motors on the market among other leading brands. It has a 4” blade chopper that works to eliminate food particles from your dishes so that you don’t have to spend so much time pre-rinsing.

Features for this Maytag Dishwasher include front electric controls, a large and tall tub with plenty of space, PowerBlast cycle for pots, pans and other cookware that is difficult to clean and a tiered upper rack with 1 plastic cup shelf that allows for tall items to be added to the top section of the dishwasher.

This dishwasher is Energy Star qualified and designed to use less water and energy than others om the market.

Nest Cam Indoor 1080p Security Camera

Nest Cam Indoor 1080p Security Camera

The Nest Cam Indoor 1080p Security Camera will ensure that the new couple and their belongings are always safe and sound in their new place of residence. This affordable security system will provide a view from anywhere using a smart device, including live streams and alerts. The camera offers 24/7 streaming features such as night vision and HD. It is simple and easy to set up, all you need to do is connect it to your home’s Wi-Fi connection and download the app.

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Hampton Bay Redwood Valley Collection Fire Pit Set

Hampton Bay Redwood Valley Collection Fire Pit Set

The Hampton Bay Redwood Valley Collection Fire Pit 5pc. Set will transform any deck or patio into a relaxing oasis where you can entertain friends or enjoy a peaceful dinner for two. A fire pit is a great addition to your backyard and the perfect place to sit on a cool, peaceful summer night. You can also use the fire pit as a convenient table when it is not being used to keep you and your guests warm. The fire screen, poker, and grate are all included with this set. The set also includes four comfortable patio chairs that are available in a variety of colors.

Nest 3rd Generation Smart Learning Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat

Nest 3rd Generation Smart Learning Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat

The Nest 3rd Generation Smart Learning Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat in Stainless-Steel is a great addition to any home. This product will not only help the newlywed couple save money on their heating and cooling costs throughout the year, but it is also more convenient than a traditional thermostat. Nest allows you to control your thermostat using your smartphone device for a precise temperature control. The thermostat learns what the user’s favorite settings are and will automatically adjust on its own. On average, users have been known to save anywhere from 10 to 12% on their heating costs and up to 15% on their cooling costs.

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Sea Gull Lighting Sfera 24.5” 6-Light Autumn Bronze Chandelier with Mercury Glass Shade

Sea Gull Lighting Sfera 24.5” 6-Light Autumn Bronze Chandelier with Mercury Glass Shade

This beautiful Sea Gull Lighting 24.5” Chandelier will create an amazing focal point in the living room or dining room of the happy couple’s new home. It features a rustic style inspired by modern design. The chandelier uses 6 100-watt bulbs and features painted mercury glass shades. The geometric shape of the chandelier will add a futuristic touch to any type of home décor.  It would look great inside any living room, den or hanging above a dining room table.

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The Benefits of Starting a Home Depot Wedding Registry

There are several great benefits for new couples who choose to start a Home Depot Wedding Registry here are a few reasons why you should consider starting one as well.

  • All the gifts that you receive will be both useful and wanted.
  • It can add more variety to your wedding gifts and allows your guests to buy something that is non-traditional.
  • Home Depot has plenty of versatile items available that range in price from affordable to expensive.
  • Your guests will have confidence that they are buying something you can use regularly and something that you don’t already have too much of.
  • There are plenty of locations all throughout the country for you to register at and for your guests to shop at.
  • You can add unique items to your registry or tell your friends to be creative with what they buy. Some may even choose random gifts to present to you at your bridal show as gag gifts.
  • It may seem like there isn’t anything feminine inside a Home Depot but after looking closer you will see that there are plenty of items for the home that are simply beautiful including Tiffany style lighting or beautiful decorations for your lawn and garden.
  • Home Depot carries some of the top name brands in houseware and kitchenware. You can register for gifts from Samsung, LG, CuisineArt, KitchenAid, and so much more.

The Downside of Starting a Home Depot Wedding Registry

wedding crafts

Overall most couples have a pleasant experience starting a Home Depot Wedding Registry. There are few reviews online for this service, and even fewer negative reviews made by customers toward the home improvement store. But there was one customer who had a distressing experience after they opened their Home Depot Wedding Registry.

The reviewer stated that the big box store’s wedding registry was simply too complicated to use and required more commitment than they initially asked for.

The groom put a few items on the registry’s list. Later on, he found out that he no longer needed one of the items and attempted to delete it before putting something else on the registry.

Unfortunately, after he had added an item to the registry, he was unable to remove it.

It turns out the reviewer decided that he no longer wanted the item. But once he added it, it was too late. He ended up getting more than one of the unwanted item. When he attempted to return them to the store for a refund, the customer service department told him that he should just regift them since they weren’t eligible for store credit.

The couple had substituted the item on their registry for another. But somehow, more than one of their guests were able to still order the item after it was deleted. The order was even placed five days after the couple removed it.

After sending a detailed email to Home Depot, the couple was told that they were unable to comply with their request. It was your usual generic reply that many of us have received from a customer service department. When attempting to call Home Depot’s customer service department, they didn’t have any better luck.

While this may simply be a one-time occurrence or something that only happened at a particular Home Depot location, it is something to think about when you are considering opening a Home Depot Wedding Registry. If being able to change the items on your registry and delete gift requests you no longer want is important to you, it would be in your best interest to ask a representative before you create your registry if you are able to delete items, replace them, or return unwanted gifts for a refund.

What Others Have to Say About the Home Depot Wedding Registry

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To start a registry with Home Depot, you will need to go to the physical location to add items to your list and print out the list. If you go directly to the Service Desk, there will be someone there to help you.

There are several mixed comments on how the wedding registry works exactly. Some users have had issues creating a registry online. Most people will say that you have to go to the store to get started, while others were able to use the My Registry.com website to begin their Home Depot Wedding Registry.

Some brides have also mentioned that guests can only buy gifts for you at the local Home Depot you are registered with. Others, including a Home Depot employee, have said that your guests can purchase items off your registry at any Home Depot store.

Final Thoughts on Registering with Home Depot for Wedding Gifts

If you don’t go to Home Depot often and are still wondering why anyone would want to use the store for wedding gifts, take the time to visit your local Home Depot. Take a look around at the many different items they have in stock aside from lumber and tools. There are beautiful lighting fixtures and ceiling fans that would accent your new home. All types of modernized appliances from top-selling brands, and a large selection of paint colors to choose from to give any room in your home a brilliant burst of color. You can start a Home Depot Wedding Registry by visiting your local store or registering online at MyRegistry.com.

Recommended Wedding Needs Available

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Best Wedding Budget Calculators

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One of the biggest struggles that come along with planning a wedding involves adding all the decorations and extras that you always wanted all while staying within your budget. There may be some important details in the ceremony that you simply can’t do without, and others that you may love but have to cut out because you can’t afford it. It’s rare for a bride to start planning her big day and to actually end up with every single thing she had on her list of must-have items. Especially if the couple is paying for the ceremony themselves without any assistance from their parents or other family members.

The good news is that it’s very possible to have a dream wedding while planning on a budget. You just have to make some strict decisions on what can’t be left out, and what you can live without. Do some research online and find out more about helpful low-cost wedding ideas. You can also use a wedding budget calculator to assist you with keeping track of your balance so that you won’t go over your limit.

What is a Wedding Budget Calculator?

A wedding budget calculator is a financial tool that you can use to help you stay on track and prevent you from going over your wedding budget. There are several of these free tools available online and each one may have different features or a different way to use them.

Generally, a wedding budget calculator has a place where you can enter in your desired wedding budget. Then you will click on the submit button. If you are using the wedding budget calculator offered by the digital photo printing and gift company Shutterfly, the button will say “Suggest a Budget”.

Once you submit your desired budget, you’ll receive a recommended spending allowance for various items such as the wedding venue, the catering company, the reception venue, invitations, attire, flowers decorations and so on.

You have the option to adjust the cost of each item and remove anything that you don’t want. The wedding budget calculator will then provide you with your total budget plan, which is the total of what all the items you keep on the list and the price you added in. If the total amount is less than the amount which was suggested by the wedding budget calculator, you are doing good but may still need to make adjustments based on what your actual wedding budget is.

And if your total budget is more than what the calculator suggests, you will definitely need to do some adjusting.

You can always add in a new desired budget amount and play around with the budget calculator until you get the right numbers that you and your fiancé can work with.

Finding the Best Wedding Budget Calculator to Fit Your Needs

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There are several other wedding budget calculators that you can find online. These tools are free to use and can often be found on websites that you would normally visit when you are planning your ceremony such as The Knot or Zola.com.  Here are a few great options for you to use so that you can successfully have the wedding of your dreams regardless of your budget.

The Wedding Budget Calculator at Your Wedding Company

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Your Wedding Company is a user-friendly website that is filled with helpful information for brides-to-be. To use their budget calculator, you enter your estimated budget, and then go over the checklist removing any items that you don’t want and entering in the estimated cost for each item you do want. You can edit the results and play around with this calculator until you get the budget that you are happy with.

You can use this website to shop for all types of wedding essentials like decorations, jewelry, and supplies. There is a planning section which is where you will find the budget calculator among other useful topics such as ideas for your hair, your makeup, or the wedding cake. You can also check out the Projects section to find fun DIY tutorials for various decorations to use for a bridal shower or a wedding ceremony.

The Wedding Budget Calculator at Cost of Wedding

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The Cost of Wedding website breaks down the cost of an average wedding in the U.S. and helps you stay within your budget plan. This site lets you research the amount of a wedding in your local area, so that you can compare the cost of the vendors you will likely use, instead of getting a national average that will not be too accurate.

All the information that you find on Cost of Wedding.com can be very useful when you are trying to come up with a reasonable budget. To get started with their wedding budget calculator, simply click on the “Create a Wedding Cost Estimate” button on the front page.

The Knot’s Wedding Budget Calculator

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The Knot is a well-known website for brides and all things wedding. Their website is a great collection of planning tools, details about your local vendors, links to other wedding websites and registry info. Define your own personal style create a wedding timeline or compile your guest information so that you can easily manage RSVPs and registry links by using the tools on this convenient site.

Their wedding budget calculator is a useful tool that helps you turn your budget into a spending plan that will work for any type of ceremony. Their calculator is actually an app that you can download onto your iPhone or Android device. It allows you to manage your wedding budget while you are on the go so that if you get a good tip for a vendor while you’re out, you can easily adjust your current budget plan.

The Wedding Budget Calculator at Wedding Wire

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Wedding Wire, formerly known as Project Wedding, is an excellent online source for finding new and interesting wedding ideas or where you can book services from your local wedding vendors. Enjoy having easy access to this useful site by downloading the Wedding Wire app on your iPhone or Android device.

Wedding Wire’s budget calculator can be extremely useful because it allows you to compare your projected budget along with an estimated budget based on your number of guests and your zip code. This is a good way for brides to make a more realistic decision on what type of extras their budget will allow them to have. The calculator also features a budget checklist like many others that is very thorough and includes everything from spa services to wedding photographers.

The Wedding Channel’s Wedding Budget Calculator

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The Wedding Channel is an online site that includes everything you need to plan your perfect wedding. You can get information about vendors in your area, check out the gown gallery enter in special contests, get inspired by visitor photos or check out the helpful and informative blog. This website can help brides-to-be choose the perfect wedding cake, photographers, wedding planners, venues, florists and more.

The Wedding Channel’s wedding budget calculator can help users decide on a reasonable budget plan that is affordable without sacrificing what you want. The website offers a variety of helpful articles and tips focused on everything that you have on your mind at the time. It is just another useful site that all brides should have bookmarked.

Budgeting Tips for an Affordable Wedding Ceremony That Doesn’t Cut Corners

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You may not be able to afford hosting the wedding of the year, but it can still be the wedding of a lifetime for you and your significant other. There are plenty of things that you can do to ensure that you have a dream wedding that stays within your spending limit.

Don’t Go Overboard with the Guest List

Instead of Wedding or Shower Gifts, Ask for Wedding Help

Which Wedding Budget Calculator Would Work Best for You?

There are plenty of great wedding budget calculator tools available from the websites mentioned above. These sites specialize in helping brides make their wedding day even more special. As you are putting their wedding budget calculator to good use, be sure to check out their articles, planning tips, and vendor suggestions as well.

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