Bridesmaid Hairstyles: Things To Consider Before Choosing The Right Hairstyle

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Things to Keep in Mind for Your Bridesmaid Hairstyles

With her big day fast approaching, it can be hard to take enough time to plan all the nitty-gritty details such as bridesmaid hairstyles and accessories and such, especially when there are much bigger details, such as location, the date and so on to figure out.

Many brides want their bridesmaids to be a cohesive unit, which means matching dresses, hairstyles, and even accessories. While a bride may try her hardest to please everyone in the wedding party, it can be rather difficult to consider everyone.

This is why many brides choose to either go with smaller wedding parties or even allow their bridesmaids to do their own hair or chose their own hairstyles. This can be an easy solution, but it isn’t always the case.

With each bride comes their difference of opinions, and if the bride wants the unit to match, then that includes the bridesmaid hairstyles.

How to Choose Bridesmaids Hairstyles

Bridesmaids Hairstyles

So how does a bride choose a common hairstyle for her bridesmaids to wear on her big day? Better yet, how do you please all the members of the party? First thing is first, not everyone is going to agree. That’s just fact.

So where does a bride go from there?

There are a number of things that a bride needs to take into consideration when it comes to deciding on her own hairstyle for the wedding and that goes the same for her bridesmaid hairstyles. So, below, we have compiled a list of things that the bride will need to keep in mind when choosing hairstyles for her bridesmaids.

The Budget

dollar sign

First things first, if a bride is considering having her bridesmaids all wear the same hairstyle for the big day, then chances are this is going to be figured into the wedding expenses. So that means that the bride will need to keep in mind her bridesmaid budget which will include not only hair and makeup but the dresses and other accessories.

Hiring a beauty team can cost more than most brides realize. Not only does the team need to be present on your big day, but it is customary to do at least one trial run to see what will work for all the bridesmaids in the party. Depending on the number of individuals, how many trial runs are needed and whether the bride chooses to go professional with the glam squad, the budget can play a big determining factor into what styles are chosen.

The Weather

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Believe it or not, the weather on the big day can play a major part in deciding hairstyles for the wedding party, especially if the wedding will be outdoors. Now, a bride can’t predict what the weather will be like, not even if she is a meteorologist, so this can be a tricky factor in the equation.

The best way to plan for weather is to take into consideration two things:

1. Will the wedding be indoors or outdoors?

2. What season will the wedding be taking place in?

These are both important questions in deciding the bridesmaid hairstyles because you don’t want your wedding party heating up or having their hair sticking to the back of their neck on a warm summer day. Alternatively, you don’t want them shivering on a cool fall day with their hair up in styled updos.

Of course, a bride shouldn’t let the weather determine the overall style of her wedding party, but keeping these different things in mind will help make the style choices a little easier.

The Wedding Location


Just like the weather on the big day, the location of the wedding will play a big factor in deciding on bridesmaid hairstyles. Brides should ask themselves these questions regarding the location of their wedding when trying to decide on hairstyles for the wedding party:

1. Will the wedding be indoors or outdoors?

2. What is the style of the venue?

When deciding on the hairstyles for the big day, being indoors or outdoors can play a big part. If the wedding is going to be outside on a warm beach, then chances are there will be some wind involved. So an updo may suit this location the best in order to keep the bridesmaids not only cooler, but so their hair isn’t flying all over the place during the ceremony.

Then there is the venue. Some venues have a certain vibe to them that can play a role in deciding the overall style of the wedding. Take cathedrals and churches for example. These venues tend to be considered more elegant and classical, so, again, an elegant updo would be perfect for this type of venue. Alternatively, maybe you are going more country and plan to have a rustic ceremony is a barn? In this case, a half updo with loose curls would make for a beautiful style.

Dress Styles

dress to match the bridesmaid hairstyles

Probably the most important factor in deciding the bridesmaid hairstyles is the dress style that is chosen for the wedding party. Believe it or not, the dress can alter how a given hairstyle looks, so it is important to keep in mind the style of the dress chosen for the bridesmaids. Also, your bridesmaid hairstyles should match with their dress and your wedding flowers!

In general, more formal and classic styles of gowns will look better with updos, while more free-flowing dresses will look better with half down styles. Many strapless dresses also look amazing with a more flowy, down styled hairdo.

Top Bridesmaid Hairstyles 

Now that we’ve talked about things to consider when choosing the hairstyles for the bridesmaids what are some popular options? This, of course, will all depend on the bride and her wishes, unless she has decided to let the bridesmaids chose simply.

So, in order to make the decision process a little easier for all involved, we’ve compiled a list of popular bridesmaid hairstyles and categorized them by general style, as in updo, down and half up.

Take a look and see what may work for your or your wedding party!

Top 3 Bridesmaid Updos

1. High Knot Chignon

The high knot chignon is a very popular style for bridesmaids considering it get’s hair up and out of the way and can be creatively adorned in any number of ways to create unique, yet elegant styles.

2. Low Chignon

Low Chignon

Low Chignons are popular because they are a little more understated than the more traditional high knot version. Many bridesmaids wear this style with a few odd and end hairs misplaced from the knot in order to give it a beautifully messy look.

4. French Braid

A simple, yet elegant French braid is a hot style choice because it can be done in any number of ways. It can flow from the forehead, straight down the center, or it can be curled along either side of the bridesmaid’s head to create beautiful designs.

Top 3 Bridesmaids Half Up Styles

1. Classic Twist

A classic twist takes the usual ponytail look and classes it up a bit by twisting some hair elegantly around the rest of the hair to give it a half up look. In most cases, bridesmaids will keep the lower half of their hair down and only twist up a small portion to help pull their hair out of their eyes.

2. Elegant Half Up

With a few cleverly pinned up pieces of hair at the top and around the crown of the head paired with soft beach waves or even bohemian waves, the bridesmaids can have an elegant half updo that is beautiful yet won’t overwhelm the bride’s overall look. In fact, many brides choose to use this style because of its beautiful simplicity.

3. Romantic Waves & Braided Crown

This look combines a twisted crown or a braided crown with soft beach waves. This is a look many brides and bridesmaids prefer because it is not only elegant but easier to manage. It also goes well with most venues and dresses.

Top 3 Bridesmaids Hair Down Styles

1. Soft Beach Waves

Soft beach waves differ from bohemian waves in that they are generally much looser and the curls are much larger in size. This is a very classic look amongst brides and bridesmaids alike and tends to go with most dress styles.

2. Side-Swept Waves

Side-swept waves are a beautifully dramatic style. These are best work with dresses that have only one sleeve or strap and the side-swept hair generally flows over the shoulder opposite of the sleeve of the dress.

3. Straight

A straight style is very classic for many bridesmaids because it’s a beautiful style, but one that won’t overtake the bride’s style. Straight and down are styles that suit many faces and hair types. Better yet, they are the easiest to maintain throughout the ceremony and reception afterward.

Bridesmaids Hairstyles Shouldn’t Stress a Bride Out

The bridesmaid hairstyle shouldn’t stress a bride out. By keeping in mind the facts above, and by keeping the overall look simple, each bridesmaid can and will look elegant and beautiful on your big day.

So, try not to stress the small stuff and enjoy this joyous process!

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