Can You Wear A Gold Wedding Dress?

Can You Wear A Gold Wedding Dress?

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Brides usually wear a white or ivory colored wedding dress. But, some modern brides are choosing to ditch the white dress and instead are branching out to other colors to wear on the big day. 

Gold seems to be a popular choice with its shiny and luxurious spendor. But, is it proper to wear a gold wedding dress?

You can wear a gold wedding dress if you so choose. It is your wedding and you should feel free to wear whatever color of dress you want to. Gold can be very flattering for a variety of skin tones and it is very eye-catching as well.

White is obviously the most popular color for wedding dresses just based on tradition. Every girl dreams of one day wearing that bright white dress and looking just like a princess. 

Well, we actually have a queen to thank for the whoite wedding dress tradition. 

Years ago, wedding dresses in every color were worn. In fact, it was usually the best dress that a girl owned and it was even worn after the ceremony. Today, we see things a little differently. Brides go out and choose a beautiful; white dress only worn on their special day. 

But, that’s just one of the things that makes your wedding so epic, isn’t it? 

When you picture someone getting married you envision the groom in his tuxedo and the bride in her altered and detailed white gown. White has been and continues to be the most popular color choice for a wedding dress. 

We have Queen Victoria to thank for this. 

After she wore her dazzling white lace gown at her wedding, brides wanted the same color for their wedding dresses. Christians view the white wedding dress as a picture of purity and virginity however it can also just represent brightness, simplicity, and tranquility. 

That white (or also ivory) gown is what makes the bride stand out from everyone else. And what bride doesn’t want to stand out in her elaborate dress on her wedding day?

Speaking of standing out, it isn’t a set rule that you have to wear a white wedding dress. White is very beautiful, but if you aren’t traditional, and want to be a little different from everyone else, then you may want to wear a different color wedding dress. And this is okay. 

After all, it is your wedding and it’s up to you what you want to wear to it. There are actually many colors to choose from for your wedding day attire. Some daring brides have been seen wearing blue, pink, and even glittering gold is a popular choice. It is elegant and sophisticated and let’s face it, when you are wearing a gold wedding dress, you will look amazing. 

Gold compliments so many skin tones. There are also many shades of gold you can choose from. Or if you already have your white wedding dress and want to wear something different for the rehearsal, reception, or after-party, sparkling gold is an excellent choice. 

You will definitely dazzle and shine!

To see some popular designs of gold wedding dresses just click here. 

What Colors Should You Not Wear To A Wedding?

Yes, some colors are off limits for wedding guests to wear. However, the bride can wear whatever color she desires as it is her big day! There are some colors that wedding guests shouldn’t wear to a wedding and it is important that you know each of these so you don’t commit a major faux pas. 

White should never be worn by wedding guests. This is commonly what the bride or groom wears and you want them to be the ones who stand out. All black may be okay to wear to a wedding but try to add a little color as you don’t want it to look like a funeral either. 

As a wedding guest, you don’t want to stand out. So, stay away from wearing the same color as the bride or bridal party. Since the bride is usually wearing white, you shouldn’t wear white to a wedding as a guest. 

If you know that the bride will be wearing a different color, such as gold, it probably still isn’t the best idea to wear white. You don’t want to end up with everyone wondering who is getting married. 

Stay away from any dresses that are too revealing, tight, short, or brightly colored as this can cause some unwanted attention. Instead wear colors that are elegant and proper. 

As far as the length of the dress goes, if the wedding is formal, then female wedding guests can wear long dresses. This shouldn’t be an over the top prom dress but for a formal wedding an evening gown is appropriate. A pretty maxi dress is a good choice for a day wedding. Think dressy but not overdone. 

The color black can even be worn to a wedding. Black is classy for a formal wedding but should be avoided at a day wedding. But, in order to make it not appear as though you are going to a funeral, add a little color somewhere in a necklace or bodice. 

Really, any other color can be worn to a wedding, except for white or whatever color the bride/bridal party will be wearing.

What Does Gold Symbolize In A Wedding?

Gold is warm and shiny. It’s no wonder why kings and wealthy men desire it so much. Gold symbolizes some things, but what does gold symbolize in a wedding?

Gold wedding dresses are trending among modern brides. Symbolizing wealth, elegance, luxury, and warmth, gold can be very glamorous. Gold wedding dresses are available in a variety of shades and range from elegant to vintage.

Brides can choose to wear a gold wedding dress if they want to. A delicate champagne gown can be very attractive or a deeper bronze can be stunning. 

Colors have many different meanings as well. 

When choosing what color you will wear as a bride, you may want to look into what that color represents or radiates. We mentioned earlier how white symbolizes purity and innocence to some people. Gold can also symbolize some important qualities in the bride. 

Wealth and power are associated with the color gold. It also radiates happiness and opulence. You will receive all kinds of attention wearing a gold wedding dress. If you don’t want to stray too far from white, but love the gold look, choose a wedding dress that is white and gold or white with some glittering gold details. 

No matter what style or shade you choose for your wedding dress, you will look dazzling. And if you want to be a little less traditional and a little more bold, go for the gold!

If you are wanting something a little different for your wedding day attire that involves a lot of sparkle and attention, then gold is the perfect choice. Symbolizing luxury, gold shades radiate happiness. If you are looking to stand out, gold wedding dresses are a dazzling choice. 

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