Easy Canvas Prints Reviews: Test-Out Service On Prints For A Wedding

easy canvas prints reviews

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You’ve received beautiful pictures from your wedding from your esteemed photographer, but now you want to get a canvas print of your favorite image.

It’s a perfectly reasonable thing to do, especially if you want something to hang in your home as a living memory of the day you and your beloved became one.

As you search, you’re going to see canvas prints available from companies all over the internet. Many offer free canvas prints for first-time customers with the option to upgrade to a larger size.

Easy Canvas Prints is just one of the many that you’ll see.

What is Easy Canvas Prints?

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Easy Canvas Prints claims to be able to take your photographs and turn them into expertly printed canvases that are ready to be displayed.

The ordering process is made to be simple and hassle-free. The company focuses on the customer experience according to their website. They say, “We go beyond just “Customer Service.” Our “Customer Love Team” works hard to ensure 100% satisfaction on each and every order.”

They offer canvas stretching options that include two different sizes. One is meant to accommodate fitting into a decorative frame while the other is meant to be like a gallery hanging and does not fit into a standard frame.

Be aware, though, that you cannot make corrections or changes once the orders are submitted. As per their FAQ’s, “Since most orders are transmitted to our production staff immediately upon submission, it is generally impossible to make corrections or changes to the design submitted for printing.”

At best, you can call them to see if it’s possible to make changes after submission, but don’t count on it.

What Makes Easy Canvas Prints Unique?

Easy Canvas Prints is unique in the way that the company offers enhancements as an option. According to their FAQ page, they will do retouching, but the customer needs to request it.

In other words, if you need to remove any dust or red-eye issues, you need to tell them ahead of time. It is not an automatic feature that they offer.

They will do more significant retouching like teeth whitening or wrinkle removal, but again, you need to contact them to let them know that you want these things done. They consider these requests to be more challenging, so you may end up needing to pay a bit more to get these kind of modifications done.

In the end, the company claims that it will provide museum-quality prints with customizable options that will produce the kind of print you would be proud to have on display in your home.


Easy Canvas Prints offers several different options for the types of prints they can do for you. From canvas prints to photo blankets, there is a variety to choose from all with different price points.

Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are available in sizes that range from 8”x 8” all the way through 24”x 36”. Prices vary accordingly with the smallest one starting at $4.95 and larger ones being around $40 for your canvas print. You can also request a custom size, but that will create a unique price for each custom piece.


You can also choose to create a collage print with different mediums. You can choose to have a collage printed on canvas, metal, wood, or a blanket. Prices vary from $15.75 and go up to $40 or more depending on what options you choose. Blankets can cost as much as $70 while metal prints can cost up to near $80 for a larger size.

Metal Prints

Metal prints offer a sleek and modern look to your print. Prices range from around $30 for an 8”x 10” print and go up to around $75 for a 20”x 24” print. Keep in mind that these are starting prices, so if you need to add any touch ups or enhancements, you may end up paying more than the starting fee.

Photo Blankets

Photo blankets make excellent keepsakes, and Easy Canvas Prints offers these, too. They are available in Fleece, Woven, and Velveteen fabrics. Fleece blankets start at $40, woven blankets start at $70, and velveteen blankets start at $50. You can choose to do a single picture over the entire blanket or create a collage.

Pillow Prints

Customize pillows with the pillow prints that are available from Easy Canvas Prints. You have four sizes to choose from – 12”x 16,” 16”x 16,” 18”x 18,” and 18”x 24.” Prices range, too, and start at $25 and go up to near $50. Each pillow is only available for a single print, and you cannot do collages on pillows.

Wood Prints

Wood prints have a fantastically rustic appeal, and since no two pieces of wood are identical, you can rest assured that your print will be entirely unique. Sizes start at 8”x 10” and go up to 16”x 20” for your print. Prices begin at around $30 and go upwards of $60 depending on what you select.

Slat Prints

Slat prints are a variation on the wood prints. They are slats of wood that have your favorite picture printed directly on the slats. These prints also offer a rustic look to any image that you choose. Prices start at around $40 for a 10”x 20” print and go up to around $60 for a 20”x 24” print.

Wall Displays

Wall displays are a different take on the way you order canvases. They are templates that you fill in with the images that you’d like to hang on your photo wall at home. You get to select which image you want where and how big you’d like them to be. They range, too, in size and shape. As far as pricing goes, they start at around $100 and go up as high as $400 depending on the package you select.

Easy Canvas Print Reviews from Real People

As we researched Easy Canvas Print reviews from actual customers, we discovered that there is a huge chasm between positive and negative reviews. It seems most of the negative reviews are related to customer service, but there are also plenty related to the quality of the product.

Here are a few that will hopefully help you gauge whether or not you would want to use this company to print your special memories.

From the Better Business Bureau

Lori. M left a review dated 4/11/2018 saying “I have ordered many canvas (sic) from here and EVERY SINGLE ONE is wrinkled to the point of looking like complete garbage on the wall – embarrassing really. I ordered a total of 8 – 24×36 and 2 – 16×20’s. Went through 6 exchanges right after delivery due to extreme scratches or wrinkles. It’s been several months now and none are salvageable. That’s a decent amount of money to just THROW AWAY, even if this is a cheaper printing company.”

Lori’s review was one of several that cast a negative light on Easy Canvas Prints and you should take the time to read through the rest of them. Most are from 2017 and older, so they may or may not be accurate anymore.

From Facebook

Companies with any hope of establishing themselves need to have social media accounts and Easy Canvas Prints has a company page on Facebook.

There are a variety of Easy Canvas Print reviews listed here, too. The most recent review is from Betty Bowen and was left on 7/17/18. “Do not attempt to deal with theses (sic) people, they tell one lie right after another. Tried to say about cancelling (sic) an order in 15 minutes could not be done and wanted to charge me 20% to destroy the canvas. Poor management, they called their team Customer Love Team, need to regroup. Needless to say, I will try another company next time.”

In Betty’s instance, this issue is something that the company is entirely forthright about on their FAQ page. They do make it known that they cannot cancel orders or change them once they are submitted, so you’ll need to decide if that is a concern to you.

Of course, then you have reviews from people like Christie Odom who left a review on 7/20/18 stating, “I just received my order for 3 canvas prints and I am thrilled! I love them. Great quality, ease of ordering, and fast shipping. Thank you!” There are many other positive reviews on Facebook as well, so don’t forget to take the time to read through several of these, too, as you go about making your decision.

From Site Jabber

Site Jabber is another website that is full of Easy Canvas Prints reviews. The ones that are concerning are as recent as having been posted at the end of July 2018.

Gregory R. left a 1-star review claiming that “EasyCanvasPrints contacted me by email and offered to replace my print with a rolled up canvas (unmounted of course). They of course said the problem was the print I had furnished. I would also have to pay shipping costs of nearly $25. I said no and they made another offer to refund approximately half of my total expenditure. I was tired of arguing so I accepted their offer. Since I paid with PayPal, my refund was fairly quick. I am not happy with the transaction, but I accepted it to end it. I would not recommend dealing with this company.”

On the very same day, Natalie N. left a 5-star review saying, “Absolutely stunning! Thank you so much Easy Canvas Prints!! I love my canvas so much. I’m so impressed with how it turned out. I was really nervous about the quality because ai got a 30 x 40 canvas and at first my resolution was too low and was sent an email about uploading a higher resolution of the same photo. The customer service was AMAZING and truly helped me through the process and answered all of my questions. I highly recommend this company and will definitely be ordering more prints with Easy Canvas Prints in the future.”

How Easy Canvas Prints Compares to Other Online Canvas Printing Companies

Easy Canvas Prints has some work to do in terms of their process and outcome when you start comparing it to other companies. If you’re looking for consistent professional quality canvas prints, this company has some big shoes to fill.

Canvas Pop has a stellar reputation for their work with canvas prints. They were even reviewed by PC Magazine and made it into the list of the best online photo printing services for 2018. That’s certainly something to take into consideration as you’re deciding on a company to go with. Pricing is comparable to Easy Canvas Prints, too, as you’ll see when you check out their starting costs. You’ll also get free digital proofs before confirming that you want them to print the order.

Another company, Canvas Giclee Printing, has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and is even an accredited business under the BBB. If you peruse the web, you’ll find plenty of positive reviews for them, too, as they are also on Yelp and on Facebook as well. You can order canvas prints that are either rolled or mounted, and they are also competitively priced.

What We Think

Here’s the thing with Easy Canvas Prints. The quality may be questionable once you receive it. For all the positive reviews on Easy Canvas Prints there are, there are a significant amount of negative reviews that should not easily be dismissed.

Our suggestion would be to look elsewhere for canvas prints if you want to have something printed that is as important as a wedding photo. You should probably go with a different company that has a stellar reputation for those types of prints.

If you’re looking for affordability though, you’re going to need to be prepared to get what you pay for. You may be pleasantly surprised, but if you want to guarantee that your prints are going to be what you want, go with a different company.

On the other hand, if you’re just testing out the service with prints that don’t matter quite so much, then you can certainly try Easy Canvas Prints. If they don’t come out quite the way you wanted, at least you won’t feel like you threw away a fortune on canvas prints.

Coupons and Deals

You can usually find Groupon deals, too, to help cut down on costs even more if you want to go that route. Easy Canvas Prints also tends to have sales on their site quite frequently offering everything from free prints to discounted options.

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