Gentleman’s Guide To Choosing Great Groomsmen Gifts

Groomsmen Gifts

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Great Groomsmen Gifts

Weddings are an occasion not just for sharing memories and celebrating with the bride and groom, but also of having fun. Having wedding favors is a traditional part of the wedding but you also have to think about getting some personal tokens for your bridesmaids and groomsmen.

It is how you thank them for making the effort to come out and celebrate with you.

For example, if you are having a wedding on the beach this allows you to prepare and give your number one supporters any kind of fun beach themed favors. This will definitely unleash your creative side.

Your friends will definitely remember your wedding and if your gift can be used repeatedly, they will for years.

Be Mindful of the Wedding Budget

One of the most expensive events in our lives can be a wedding. Couples have to be extra careful and prudent in these economic times, to cut back on spending and staying within their budget.

Having a lavish wedding is not as important as staying out of debt and beginning your marriage debt free. If you stick to your plans and find creative means of getting what you want, then you can have a dream wedding without breaking the bank.

With this in mind, when you decide on great groomsmen gifts, try to stay within a set budget. Yes, they are close to you and you want to show them your appreciation. However, at the same time, you do not want to take your new bride to live in a pauper’s house.

What to Consider When Deciding On Gifts for Your Groomsmen

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When you are in a close friendship with someone, it means that you will have to think about the needs of this individual. You might not have to think too hard, because you would have spent a lot of time with them and know what they truly like.

So choose a gift that will make them feel appreciated when they remember this day and make the effort to send them tokens from both you and your new bride.

Identifying the best groomsmen gifts is not very difficult, neither do you have to launch into expensive and elaborate gift ideas that you cannot afford.

Be Creative

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People are always giving gifts. However, on this occasion, you want to be a bit more creative.

The size of the gift may be of some consideration, but your friendship with the persons will dictate the type, size and cost of the gift.

Your friends will understand if you do not break the bank and give them a pricey item, after all, you are getting married.

By also being a friend, you would have been more aware of their needs. Unlike someone who is a business acquaintance who would speed less on a gift and get a more generic item.

Ask Questions to Generate Ideas

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You may look at a couple things, in order to figure out what gift to give your groomsmen. Consider, what are their hobbies? What do they spend their evening doing? What is their career?

Do they like travelling? Do they like books, the arts or sports? Do they like shows or live performances? These questions will guide you with what is the best gift to get them.

Groomsmen Gift Ideas

So now that you have considered a few things to help generate groomsmen gift ideas, here are a few suggestions as to what you can get. Remember to keep your eye on that wedding budget.

Maybe a Bit of Art

If your groomsmen are into the arts or culture there is a variety of gifts you can get them. Paintings make for lovely gifts. Art sculptures, clay pots, unique pieces, or even a piece from their favorite artists will make them extremely happy.

Also, if they are into entertaining and socializing you could give them pieces to add to their bars, kitchen or basements.

To add an extra special touch, you can get them into shows, theatre and opera and have them meet their favorite artists backstage. Your groomsmen will be totally ecstatic about your gift and probably never forget. You would be the toast of their get-togethers for many years.

If they are not married, when it’s their time, everyone will be trying to top your efforts.


You can also get them memberships that align to their hobbies and interests. For example, baseball season tickets, an annual pass to theme parks, a month’s membership to a wine club, cheese club or book club.

You can also have service deliver a little basket or box of special wine or liqueur on the eve of the wedding. How about a box of special cigars, which you can all pull out on special occasions?

How About a Piece of Jewelry

Jewelry is always a desired piece for anyone. Who does not like a new piece of “bling”? But at least this gift will have some significance.

Men are often into watches, you can have custom-made watches that are engraved with your initials and your bride’s as well. Then have the designer include the wedding date and a short special message. Nothing is elaborate is needed.

The great aspect of this idea is that there are watches to suit any and every budget. You can also go a bit further and get tie pins, cuffs our ties and pocket squares with their initials.

How About a Weekend Trip

Male bonding is always encouraged. You can treat the guys to a weekend trip, just before the big day to show your appreciation.

Depending on the depth of your pocket, you can go for a quick trip down to Cancun, Mexico. You can explore your own country, go hunting or skiing at some exclusive spot.

Think about booking a weekend vacation for everyone in Las Vegas, all expense paid. Get them well decked out rooms and treat them to a night on the town. Who knows, you might just be able to squeeze in a bachelors party.

Where To Browse For Groomsmen Gift

There are a number of places online, which provide unique and great groomsmen gifts. They have items that can be customized or even engraved as well.


One such website is Beau-coup. Newlywed Polly Lui started the company back in 2001. On a flight back home, they were inspired to have a business that would “help make the process a little less stressful, even enjoyable, by offering the most exceptional customer service and an unmatched selection of quality guest favors at competitive prices,” for people getting married.

The partners “believe in celebrating life – every occasion, every milestone, every laugh, smile and tear. We know that sharing these moments makes them extra special, and we want to be there to help you celebrate life, one event at a time.”

You can get any number of lovely tokens for your groomsmen, including a flasks set, personalized glass decanter, personalized leather magnetic money clip, personalized midnight pocket watch, personalized gunmetal round and square cufflinks, personalized wood handle pocket knife and so much more.

Their prices are so reasonable and affordable.

Groovy Groomsmen Gifts

If you are looking for “the best groomsmen gifts destination to help you hunt for the ultimate cool and unique personalized gift ideas, delivered quickly to your doorstep,” the Groovy Groomsmen Gifts is the place to shop.

According to their website, they started because “Chris was part of many wedding parties and noticed a consistent theme of tacky gifts and a total lack of creativity. With a full recognition that men aren’t natural shoppers, he saw a need for one comprehensive stop to make their lives easy during this amazingly maddening stretch.”

They constantly update their catalog to have “sensational groomsmen gift ideas that embody a balance of tradition, creativity and functionality. The Groovy credo is to ensure that whatever we sell, it doesn’t end up in your groomsmen’s basement box.”

On their site, Groovy Groomsmen Gifts offer a plethora of cool items including, combat coolers, flasks, watches, combat duffels, knives, personalized footballs, personalized shaving kits, decanters, mugs, cap openers, glasses, rucksacks, travel kits, phone cases, cap catchers and other great items.

Choosing the Right Gifts for Your Groomsmen

Men can be easy to please. Get them electronics, something having to do with sports and they will probably love it. One of the best in groomsmen’s gift ideas is to get that person something that they really want.

Men are often into gadgets like TVs, iPhones, iPads, laptops, tablets, cell phones, fast cars and sports. If they are sports fanatics, you can get a premier ticket and special box at your favorite team stadium and just enjoy the day.

Getting them a flat screen TV might just be a little over the top. Plus you might need one for the house you are about to share with your new wife.

Be creative, get them something special but do not break the bank while doing it.


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