Is It Bad Luck To Wear Wedding Rings Early?

Is It Bad Luck To Wear Wedding Rings Early?

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There are many wedding traditions. Some can even be somewhat superstitious. Others are just proper etiquette. 

While other traditions are significant and symbolic, one of the things you may have heard is that it is bad luck to wear wedding rings early. 

Is this true?

Despite wedding traditions, it isn’t bad luck to wear your wedding ring early. While it is general wedding etiquette, it isn’t bad luck. But, wedding bands are for married couples so it can seem strange to wear it before you are officially married.

Bad luck won’t come your way if you wear your wedding ring before the ceremony. And sometimes it can be worn beforehand for a good reason. Maybe you want to try it on to see if it fits. This is actually a good idea since you will be wearing the ring all through your honeymoon. 

So, it’s okay to try it on and see if it needs to be resized at all. If you just cannot wait to wear your wedding rings, you can also wear it on your other hand. This can also help you to avoid any discussion about why you are wearing it before your wedding. 

If you are eloping, then you can save money by wearing your wedding ring as an engagement ring. Couples nowadays view wedding rings symbolization less than prior generations. They agree that they are significant but they aren’t too worried about wearing the rings before the actual ceremony. 

Some people just want to be different from everyone else and if you want to wear your wedding ring before the wedding, this is entirely your choice. It won’t bring you, your husband/wife, and your marriage any bad luck.

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What Do Wedding Rings Mean?

Wedding rings are a traditional aspect of a wedding but they also represent something important for both the bride and groom. They are more than just glittering diamonds and precious metal bands. 

So, what do wedding rings mean?

Wedding rings have an important symbolic meaning. They symbolize everything from the shape and the precious metal it is made of to the wedding ring being given as a gift on your wedding day to your spouse and the love you share as husband and wife.

It is said that wearing your wedding ring early before the wedding ceremony and before you say your vows, is bad luck. However, some don’t believe in luck and choose instead to be a little different in the way they do things. Like, wearing their wedding rings before they are married. 

While this is uncommon, it won’t bring bad luck to the couple. It’s important to note that wedding rings have a significance. They symbolize the union of the couple as they present each other with the rings at the wedding ceremony. 

From then on out, they wear these rings as a symbol of their marriage showing they belong to one another. While there are many other symbolic meanings of wedding rings, it is a token of love that your husband or wife gives you on your wedding day and is worn when you are a married couple. Engaged couples don’t wear wedding rings since they are not married yet. 

However it isn’t bad luck to try it on or wear your wedding ring early just not something that is normally done. 

What Is The History Of Wedding Rings?

Many of us don’t think about where the idea of giving your husband or wife a ring on their wedding day came from. There is a lot of history behind the wedding ring. 

So, what is the history of wedding rings?

The wedding ring is a symbol first used in ancient times and was given as a symbol of devotion and love. From there they grew in popularity leading to married couples exchanging wedding rings made from diamonds and precious metal on their wedding day.

In ancient times, Egyptians would exchange “rings of love”. These rings were made from woven reeds or leather but had meaning. They were seen as powerful symbols having no beginning and no end and thus representing eternal life and love. 

In this time, the rings were gifts of devotion and gifts of love. Eventually, they started customizing these rings and making them in different styles. There are many types of ancient rings

Over time, the rings began to feature beautiful stones and diamonds. As time passed, diamond rings become the norm and were given from husband to wife and wife to husband when they were united in marriage. 

These rings were placed on the fourth finger of the left hand because it was believed in those ancient Egyptian times that there was a vein connecting this finger to the heart. There is no scientific evidence to prove this fact but to this day married couples still wear their wedding rings on that finger out of sentiment and tradition.

Wedding Ring Superstitions:

Sparkling and beautiful, wedding rings are also symbolic and meaningful. Many superstitions are believed about traditions involving weddings and many of them have to do with the wedding ring. 

So, what are some of the wedding ring superstitions?

There are many superstitions and myths surrounding wedding rings. Some believe that if something happens to your wedding ring then it means bad luck. While these aren’t true, it’s interesting to know some wedding ring superstitions.

These, of course, are not true. They are myths and superstitions and have no meaning at all. The wedding ring is a symbol of your marriage that is special and meaningful. But, just for fun, here is a list of some wedding ring superstitions:

  1. A tight wedding ring creates a “stifled” relationship. A loose wedding ring could mean you will part ways. A broken wedding ring means the end of the marriage.
  2. Dangling your wedding ring over your baby bump with a piece of thread determines the gender of an unborn baby.
  3. Gold or silver wedding rings are a sign of trust
  4. Dropping the wedding ring during the ceremony removes evil spirits or is bad luck.
  5. The vein in your left ring finger runs straight to your heart.
  6. It is bad luck to wear someone else’s wedding ring.
  7. Itching ring fingers means you will soon be engaged.
  8. Trying on the wedding ring or wearing it before the wedding is bad luck.
  9. At the wedding, unmarried girls that eat a piece of cake that’s been passed through the bride’s wedding ring will find a husband within a year.
  10. Wedding rings have healing powers.

Final Thoughts

It isn’t bad luck to wear wedding rings early, but it’s something that just isn’t done in most cases. Wedding rings are typically for married couples as a meaningful symbol of their devotion and love for one another. 

However, if you want to wear your wedding ring before the wedding, it is certainly okay to do so although not the norm. 

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