The Black Tux Review: Simple, Well-Priced, And A Stunning Selection

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Wedding planning can make you want to pull your hair out because there are often so many details that will go wrong, or at the very least not be exactly right.

That’s where online tuxedo and suit rental services like The Black Tux come in to help fill the gap. This company and companies like them aim to help you with your planning by taking just a little bit more off of your shoulders.

All you need is a little time and a measuring tape. Follow their instructions, and you’ll be on your way to renting a tux before you know it.

What Is The Black Tux?

The Black Tux is an online suit and rental company. They claim to make it easy to rent a tuxedo or a suit based on measurements that you submit online.

The company also provides a guarantee on each order that promises that either your suit or tux will fit correctly, or they will replace as quick as possible.

They have partnered with suit-makers to cover a range of sizes from 34-58 inch jackets and pants ranging from 28-54 inches. The company even says that they can create a custom tux or suit if they don’t happen to have the side you need.

The process is really simple to follow, too. Once you create an account, you select the event that you intend to rent for. It can be a wedding, a prom, or a different special event.

From there, you’ll go and select the items that you would like to include with your rental. Additional items include things like shirts, studs, vests, cufflinks, shoes, and a few other things.

Once you’ve picked the things you want, The Black Tux will tell you what you need for measurements. You’ll need traditional measurements, so you can either do them yourself or get them ahead of time by visiting a tailor.

Measurements are all in inches, so you’ll need to measure inseam, waist size, neck size, sleeve length size, and jacket length. If you’re not sure how to get the measurements, there are instructions on the site to help you out.

Once you enter all the measurements and you place your order, you’ll get a timeline for when to expect your items to be delivered. If you ordered at least 30 days prior to your event, then you should receive your order at least fourteen days beforehand. That will give you time to get any replacements that you might need.

If you order the tux or suit less than four days from the event, then you will not be guaranteed to receive it on time. When you do receive it, you’ll also get a return shipping label so you can quickly send it back when you’re done.

What Makes The Black Tux Unique?

Black Tux is unique because of the material they use. You would think that for the price of the suits and tuxedos, you would get subpar quality pieces. That’s simply not the case.

In fact, the wool that the suits and tuxes are made of is high-quality Merino wool, and all of the shirts are 100% cotton complete with French cuffs.

As long as you enter your measurements correctly, or get them done by a tailor, then you can feel confident that your clothing will arrive and will fit you perfectly. The key is measurements for sure, though, so double and triple check before you finalize your order.

Of course, if for some reason your tuxedo or suit doesn’t arrive in the correct size, then you can reach out to them to have a replacement sent lickety-split courtesy of their Fit Guarantee.

Their Fit Guarantee will give you the ability to make sure your suit or tux will fit. Here are the options that are available to you.


You can visit a local tailor or dry cleaner to have jacket sleeves or pant length hemmed, and The Black Tux will cover up to $15 of the total cost to have that done as long as you follow their instructions. That means no cutting or removing fabric, but hemming is absolutely okay.


With enough notice, meaning within 24 hours of suit or tux delivery and with at least 48 hours before the event, you can contact them, and they will send you another size. You’ll keep everything including the pieces that don’t fit, and then send everything back all at the same time once the event is over. If you wait too long after receiving the tuxedo or suit, then you may incur additional shipping costs.


Here’s an interesting tidbit of information for you as far as their pricing goes. They claim that their suits and tuxes would actually cost you around $1200 retail, but because of their unique partnership, they can offer a steep discount for people that prefer rentals.

To help you gauge what you can expect in price, here’s a quick list for you to look at.

Tuxedos and Suits – start at $95 and goes to $145

Shoes – start at $25 and goes to $35

Shirts – starts at $20 and goes to $25

Vests – $20 for standard vests

Neckwear – starts at $10 and goes to $15

Accessories – starts at $5 and goes to $15

Accessories include items like cufflinks, studs, suspenders, tie clips, cummerbunds, and belts. If you’d rather not piece-part your outfit together, you can also choose to rent an entire outfit all at once. The complete outfits are coordinated for you by the company and will run anywhere from $150 to $225.

Another bonus to their pricing structure is their cancellation policy. As long as your order hasn’t been shipped, if your event were to be canceled, they will issue a full and complete refund, no questions asked. If you do, however, get your items and the event is canceled after that, you won’t be able to get a refund, and you’ll be out that money.

There are late fees to be expected if you don’t get your items returned within the first three days after your event. The Black Tux is willing to work with you, though, if for whatever reason you can’t make that window, but you have to call them as soon as you can or let them know ahead of time that you will need an extension.

The Black Tux also offers you the option of purchasing your tuxedo or your suit if you like it so much that you want to keep it. The process is simple. You keep what you want from your order, send the rest back, and they’ll send you an invoice for what you decided to keep.

Public Perception

High Ya has some great reviews for The Black Tux with positive after positive review from people that have used the service.

Randy L from Potsdam, NY left a glowing review on July 19, 2018. “When my daughter told me we were all renting tuxes for her wedding online, my first thought was yeah, right! As someone born well before cell phones and laptops, my trust level in the process was obviously not very high. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The entire process was smooth and seamless. The jacket was not quite the right size due to the numbers I gave them (not their fault), and they sent me a replacement that arrived within two days! The overall quality of the tux and accessories was excellent and once taken out of the box, did not even need pressing. The price was actually less than what it would have been for a week’s rental at the local tux dress shop. I highly recommend The Black Tux!”

C.K. from Austin, TX also had nothing but good things to say. “I was part of a large (10 per side) wedding party. Guys scattered all over the country. Groom chose The Black Tux, and I’m glad he did. Product shipped on time. Perfect fit. Formal but breathable material despite being 3-piece. I had to have mine altered (I have shorter arms, so suit jacket had to be shortened), which was as easy as ‘tailor, take pic of receipt, email said pic, and receive reimbursement (credited to my CC within 48 hours).’ Easy unpack/repack. Wicked easy return shipping (we literally dropped the suits off at the hotel concierge and they put them in outgoing FedEx shipping the day after the wedding). From start to finish, I simply couldn’t be more impressed. All 10 guys in the wedding had different body types, and all 10 guys agreed. Keep. It. Up.”

How The Black Tux Compares to Other Online Tuxedo Rental Companies

The Knot compared several online tuxedo rental companies, The Black Tux included. Other companies they looked at included Generation Tux, Simple Tux, and Menguin.

According to them, the only company that carried all wool suits or tuxes was The Black Tux. The other companies carried wool garments as well as polyester or wool blends. The Black Tux was only one of the bunch that offered self-tie options when it came to bowties, giving it an edge over the rest.

The process was similar between all of them in terms of selecting the tuxedo or suit, then selecting the corresponding accessories and shoes. The same thing happened, too, as far as getting the measurements either under their tutelage or by a tailor beforehand and entering the information as required.

When it comes to customer service, they all handle their customers extremely well. The differences, however, lie in the way that the rentals need to be returned. Some, like The Black Tux and Generation Tux, required the rentals to be sent back within the following three days after the event.

Simple Tux required you to return the rental back the following business day, which depending on the day of the event could mean within 24 hours or possibly within 2 or 3 days. Menguin had the strictest return policy as they expected it to be returned within the 24 hours following the event.

What We Think

The Black Tux is a stellar option for the modern bride and groom, or for anyone looking for that special event wear that doesn’t look like a rental. Instead, because of the internal structure that The Black Tux follows, it can take all of its profits and continue to invest its funds back into the business.

Their structure allows for the company to maintain the top-quality suits and tuxedos while offering excellent prices for their products. Making it easy to return the rentals after the event and even giving you the option of keeping the pieces makes them the perfect company to work with for your event.

Their efficiency and quality make it a site that you should definitely consider using given their dedication to their product and their customer service.

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