Where to Rent a Photo Booth for Your Wedding

Where to Rent a Photo Booth for Your Wedding

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Photo booths have been extremely popular in modern weddings, as they are a fun way to share precious memories from your big day. Photo booths add more enjoyment to your reception, and photo prints make for perfect wedding favors.

There are many companies that offer photo booth rentals, and it can be overwhelming trying to figure out which photo booth rental company is right for you. In this guide, we’ll go over the different things to keep in mind when looking for a photo booth rental. We’ll also provide you with a few of the best photo booth rental companies that we’ve found.

Things That Will Affect Your Photo Booth Rental

Photo Booth Rental Type

There are three main types of photo booth rentals: open air, enclosed, and mobile. Each setup is unique and can be designed to fit just about any venue. Let’s look at each of these settings.

  • Open-Air Photo Booth. These photo booths are typically open settings with a camera and backdrop. There is a printer set up near the camera, typically on some sort of table or pod setup. These types of photo booths often have a variety of different backdrops to choose from, which can typically be customized based on the specific event. Some open-air photo booth companies offer green screen capabilities. This allows the users to personalize their photos to have just about any background you’d like. However, a green screen customization will likely cost you more money.
  • Enclosed Photo Booth. This is the type of setup that comes to mind when you think of a traditional photo booth. The exact design of the photo booth varies between companies, but these booths are typically designed to have an enclosed space separated by a curtain. These setups have everything together in one complete setup, with an enclosed camera and printer. They offer more privacy than the open-air photo booths, though there are less customization options given the tighter space.
  • Mobile Photo Booth. If you don’t have a lot of space to set up a photo booth, you may want to consider a smaller mobile photo booth setup. These photo booths are able to fit in smaller areas and can be moved around at will. This is a great setup for a tight wedding venue or for a wedding party that is on the go.

Photo Booth Rental Packages

While some photo booth companies offer a flat rate or by-the-hour services, most companies offer different packages for their photo booth rentals. Basic packages typically include one to two hours of photo booth usage, photo strips, digital copies, delivery and setup, and insurance. Large packages can have more time and add features such as a live slideshow, online photo hosting, props, and name customization on prints.

Pricing for packages depends on what type of photo booth setup you choose. Typically, the open-air and mobile photo booth options are found in cheaper packages, while enclosed photo booths cost a bit more due to extra setup.

Photo Booth Add-Ons

Photo booth companies may offer different add-on features to make your time with their photo booths much better. Many companies incorporate modern technologies to create fun twists on the typical photo booth experience. For example, some companies allow you to string a series of photos into a moving GIF, which can be shared on the internet. Many companies also offer a variety of customization options that can be added to each picture that prints out, including personalized frames or even a DIY decoration booth.

Most photo booth companies also have a variety of props and other items that can be used to add to the photo booth fun. This includes items such as silly headwear, glasses, signs, and other fun accessories. You can also find photo booth companies that offer cardboard standouts that you can pose with.

Photo Booth Additional Hours and Other Fees

There are a lot of fees involved with the use of a photo booth, especially when things don’t go exactly as planned. Most companies offer a flat rate fee that can be tacked on top of your photo booth rental bill should you need the booth longer than expected. Typical overtime fees range from $100-150 per extra hour.

Other fees can occur depending on specific situations, such as insurance or travel fees. Keep in mind that there will likely be a service charge for bookings, which is about 18% of the total overall cost.

Companies That Offer Photo Booth Rentals

There are plenty of companies that offer photo booth rentals. A quick search will present you with local photo booth rental options, often offered by wedding planning or other event companies. Renting a photo booth from a local company can save you on delivery and travel costs, so it’s best to check around the area where you plan to hold your wedding first.

For those who don’t like their local options, we have a few popular nationwide photo booth rental companies that have received high praises from customers.


TapSnap is an online company that strives to create a unique photo booth experience for every type of event. They offer open-air photo booth rentals that are fully customizable and use digital technologies to create an experience unique to the TapSnap brand. They have a variety of modern features that you can use, including green screen overlays, animated gifs, digital props, and SnapBack technologies. You can also get customized kiosk skins and a custom social sharing layout to match the theme of your wedding.

TapSnap promises to work closely with their clients to create the best photo booth rental experience. Once you request a quote from TapSnap, a representative will call you to discuss the details of your big day. This includes theme, number of guests, venue, and how long the reception will run. They will then create customized packages that they think will best fit the type of wedding you want.

Pink Shutter Photo Booths

Pink Shutter is a brand that is available nationwide and offers simple photo booth setups for a reasonable price. They have a few simple package offerings, all of which include setup and breakdown, online downloads, and an attendant. If you want added features such as customization or props, you can add these features with their a la carte upgrade options.

The basic package offered by Pink Shutter is $150 per hour and comes with unlimited photo sessions with a Canon DSLR camera, 4×6 prints, and a digital copy of every photo. They also offer a package with only digital prints for a discounted $120 per hour.

A la carte upgrades vary in price depending on which options you choose. For example, name customization or party props will cost an extra $50. Adding variety to photo size will cost you by the hour, and prices vary based on what size you want. You can also order a social media upload station for an extra $350.

Booth By Mail

Booth By Mail is a unique photo booth rental company that strips the photo booth experience down to the basics for those looking to save on costs. Instead of bringing the photo booth to your venue and setting it up for you, Booth By Mail sends everything you need to set up your booth by yourself. This allows you to save hundreds on photo booth rentals, which can end up costing a pretty penny if you want to use it for the whole reception.

Booth By Mail charges a flat fee of $289.99 for a complete photo booth rental set. The rental includes a camera, printer, backdrop, props, and anything else you may need to set up the booth. Shipping is free, and the rental kit typically arrives 1-2 days before your event.

Setup takes about 5 minutes on average with their comprehensive instructions. Should any problems arise, Booth By Mail has a 24/7 technical support line. Free return shipping is also included, and pickup will be scheduled the next business day after your event.

Shutter Booth

Shutter Booth is a company that strives to turn a simple photo booth setup to a complete photo booth experience. Instead of a single photo booth attendant, Shutter Booth has a whole team to give you exactly what you want. They offer one of the widest varieties of photo booth services, with unique options that help you make an event to remember.

When creating a custom Shutter Booth quote, you are given a variety of different photo booth setups to choose from. The have open-air and enclosed camera setup options, as well as a few unique options such as the 3D camera array and the Boomarray. You have the option of choosing from over 20 backdrops, or you can create your own for an additional fee. They also offer other special add-ons, including guest books, props, booth signs, and other enhancements.

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