Why Are Weddings So Expensive?

Why Are Weddings So Expensive?

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We’ve all heard our family and friends talk about how expensive it is to have a wedding. Some even postpone their marriage ceremony until they can have more money to put into it. 

It is a wonderful and special event, but why are weddings so expensive?

Weddings are so expensive because of everything that they involve and the sheer number of things needed for each guest. Everything that takes place at a wedding, from the ceremony to the reception, can add up to cost a lot especially if these things are top notch.

Since most weddings will have many people invited, the costs really start to add up. Even if you have a cheap reception with food only costing $15 a person, multiply that times a few hundred people and just the food alone will cost a few thousand dollars! That doesn’t even include the cake, drinks, etc. 

Everything just costs a “little” but when multiplied by many guests it adds up quickly. 

Weddings are a special time. It is a ceremony where two people unite in marriage and vow to spend their lives together forever. The traditions of weddings can vary depending on cultures, religions, countries, social classes, ethnic groups, etc. But, for the most part, weddings involve a ceremony where the happy couple exchanges marriage vows, a public proclamation of marriage, and ends in a reception afterwards. 

Special attire is worn for the big day (which can get expensive as well) and there may be music (again more money spent for a DJ). Prayers, reading, poetry, customs, etc. are also incorporated into the ceremony. 

Because of all that goes into a wedding, you can see how they can get expensive. Most people want it to be big and grand and the more grand the wedding is, the more it’s going to cost. Remember, all of your family and friends attending will enjoy the wedding because they are there for you and your spouse, not the fancy napkins, elaborate decorations, or expensive food.

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Why Do Weddings Cost So Much Money?

Yes, it is a special event, where family and friends gather together as the bride and groom unite in marriage, but weddings are expensive. No doubt many newly engaged couples have sat down to create a budget for their big day and wondered, why do weddings cost so much money?

A lot of details go into making a wedding possible. The venue and reception are a couple of the things that will often cost the most out of everything at a wedding. But, every individual thing all adds up quickly making weddings cost a lot of money.

Formal weddings cost more because of all the high-end stuff wanted for it. Many things are needed to make a wedding complete but some don’t have to be so pricey. There are usually less expensive options when it comes to certain things in a wedding but those who want their event to be extravagant will end up paying more for their wedding than someone who is more frugal. 

The more you try to incorporate into a wedding, the more expensive it’s going to be. 

But, this is entirely up to you what you want to do at your own wedding. Just remember that the more you do, the more the price of your big day will go up. 

You should have things like a venue, or a photographer or a wedding cake, but if you want the best of the best from these things, it will cost you and make your wedding more expensive.

Is It Worth It To Spend Money On A Wedding?

Weddings cost a lot of money. You need to spend money in order to have a place to hold the ceremony and reception along with many other essential things. But, as you plan a wedding, you may ask, is it really worth it to spend money on a wedding?

Yes, it is worth it to spend money on some important parts of the wedding. You will remember this day forever and most couples want it to be perfect. However, it may not be worth spending thousands of dollars on food or music that people will forget in a few hours. 

If you aren’t sure about something or don’t mind getting rid of some things, then it is okay not to spend your money on them. After all, it’s your wedding day and you can plan it however you want. 

But, then there may be some who don’t see the need to invest any money into the event at all. Now, this is their special day and you can do what you want but as you look back on your wedding day, most people want to remember it for being beautiful and magical. 

Not dull and boring. 

So, it is worth it to spend money on your wedding, but, you don’t have to spend a lot. Some go above and beyond only getting the finest for their wedding but usually end up going into debt over the 3 hour event. Others who plan, budget, and decide what they want to incorporate and what they don’t want to incorporate into the wedding can save money resulting in a cheaper price tag later. 

So, it is worth it to spend money on a wedding but it may not be so worth it to overspend. 

What Is The Average Cost Of A Wedding?

Weddings can be formal or casual as well as cost a lot or a little. This is completely up to you and your fiance. Some like to have a fancy event with all the best everything while others are content to have a small event. 

Weddings can be overpriced because of sentimental value or wanting the best of everything. Most people spend a few thousand dollars for their weddings while others may spend tens of thousands. It just depends on what is important for you to pay for.

The average wedding costs $20,000 to over $30,000. This number depends on how much you are doing for your wedding. It’s important to make a  wedding budget before you begin to pay for expenses. 

The price of everything can add up fast and by having a budget of what you are going to spend, it can help you stay on track. Some things that make weddings more expensive are listed as well as the estimated average cost for each:

  1. Venue – $10,000 (If you use a more traditional venue you can save a lot here)
  2. Officiant – $300
  3. Rehearsal dinner – $2,000
  4. Rings – $6,000
  5. Photography and Videographer – $4,000
  6. Dress – $2,000
  7. Tuxedo – $300
  8. Invitations – $600
  9. Wedding Planner – $2,000
  10. Flowers – $2,000
  11. Decor / Reception Decor – $3,000 (depends on the type and howe much decor there is)
  12. Food / Drinks – $2,000 to $7,000 (depends on how many guests attending)
  13. Cake – $500
  14. Entertainment – $2,000 to $4,000
  15. Transportation – $800

Some of these wedding expenses can be higher or lower depending on the type of wedding it is. For higher end things such as decor, food, drinks, etc. will cost more. You can choose what you want to pay for. 

Things like wedding planners, entertainment, catering expensive meals, are not necessarily needed unless you want to include them. As you can see, the average cost for all of these wedding items are expensive and can add up quickly. 

Final Thoughts

Weddings are expensive and it’s because of everything that goes into making the big day possible. If you are wanting to save money, have a budget and only spend on those things that are important to you. 

It is better to enjoy your special day without worrying about how much it costs than it is to start off your marriage tens of thousands of dollars in debt. 

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