Yet another stressful decision for your wedding, picking the perfect transportation for your perfect day.

Are you going to go traditional and lux with a limo? Or casual and comfortable with your own car? Will an animal make an appearance or maybe a motorcycle?

There are many options with many pros and cons each, depending on what you are looking to achieve in terms of the vibe and aesthetics.

Many people chose many different forms of transportation for their wedding day to suit their unique needs. However, there are some universally important things to consider no matter what mode of transportation you end up choosing.

Considering cost, reliability, and professionalism of the transportation and provider you choose is immensely important and should be considered well in advance in order to avoid any hassles or mishaps on your wedding day. A classic? A horse? A bus? Consider carefully and pick what is perfect for you with a little help from us.

9 Options to Consider When Choosing Wedding Transportation

bride and groom car

Too many options can be debilitating, but just the right amount can lead you on your way to planning the perfect wedding. Here are 9 amazing options for wedding transportation that will make your wedding day perfect.

bridal car

Your own car


A limo

luxury car for wedding

A rented luxury car

yellow bus

A bus

horse carriage

A horse drawn carriage


A motorcycle

San Francisco-style trolley

A San Francisco-style trolley

bride and horse

A horse

classic car

A classic

The Takeaway

There is an immense amount of options available for couples on their wedding day in terms of transportation, and some very great options that do not have to break the bank.

A bus might be efficient for transporting a large wedding party, and for a more casual feel, going personal and taking your own car is also a great option.

There are also many rental options available, such as ordering a limo or a classic car. These are great and luxurious choices as well.

It is important to consider all the aspects of all the options, such as reliability and cost.

Before making a decision, be sure to  to visit the different providers and see what deals they can offer you. Do your research and come prepared with what you want and what you are open to hearing new ideas about. The professionals have probably done it before and suggest ideas that have been successful in the past.

Ask your friends what they have done and what their experiences were. First hand stories are the best experiences to learn from and take advantage of that.

A wedding should be a stress-free event.

Though the lead up and planning is not always so. Make sure to consider what mode of wedding transportation will make you most as ease on the day of the wedding. It should be a fun, special day, and the mode of transportation that is most unique and comfortable to you and your fiancé is the mode of transportation you should go with.

From limos to classic cars to horse drawn carriages to busses, the wide array of options would surely cater to every couple’s wedding needs.

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