Can You Wear Dark/Black Jeans To A Wedding?

Can You Wear Dark/Black Jeans To A Wedding?

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The bride and groom spent hours planning their special day and choosing their wedding party as well as their own attire for the day. They probably spent hundreds or possibly thousands of dollars on their attire and expect some fromailty from their guest. 

Weddings are typically formal occasions and if you show up in jeans you could look sloppy and seem as if you don’t care enough to dress up for their big day. Now, we can understand this for light colored jeans since they are very casual but what about dark or black jeans?

You should not wear dark or black jeans to a wedding. Usually, you should only ever wear jeans to a wedding if the wedding theme encourages guests wearing jeans. That is the only time it is truly okay. 

So, if the wedding is formal you should avoid wearing jeans, period. Opt instead for dark colored or black dress pants. The fact that the jeans are dark in color or black doesn’t make them appropriate because jeans are too casual to wear to a wedding. 

But, in some cases jeans are allowed as wedding guest attire. Although this is uncommon, there are some exceptions to the no jeans rule in which case you could wear the dark or black jeans you want to wear. 

Usually the wedding invitations will let you know what type of wedding you will be attending. Where the wedding will take place as well as if it states a certain wedding theme can give you a  pretty good idea of what is expected of you to wear. Formal, casual, etc. will often be mentioned. 

For formal wear you will wear something more fancy and expensive while for casual, some khakis will do just fine. But, if the bride and groom want some country vibes at the wedding, they may do a wedding theme like “Diamonds and Denim” or “Cowboy Casual ” and for this, of course, you can wear some jeans. 

If you just aren’t sure what is preferred it never hurts to ask. Ask the wedding party or the bride and groom what they think will be appropriate to wear to their big day. It’s much better to know than to show up too overdressed or underdressed. 

Weddings are almost always considered dressy events. Just because you are invited to a casual barn wedding, doesn’t mean you can show up in your denim. Ask just to make sure. 

If the wedding is taking place on the beach, it may be tempting to wear a pair of denim pants or shorts but both are typically frowned upon at a wedding. You could offend the bride and groom as wearing jeans of any color to a wedding could look as if you didn’t care to dress up for it. 

Dark and black colored jeans do look nicer than regular jeans, but either stick to dress pants or ask just to be safe. Unless of course, you are specifically told you can wear dark/black jeans to the event, then of course it is okay.

Is It Rude To Wear Black To A Wedding?

When you are invited to a wedding, you want to dress correctly. You want to avoid all the attention you could get by being too overdressed or even underdressed for the occasion. We mentioned that jeans are usually not appropriate to wear at a wedding and rightly so. 

You want to look dressy for the formal event, not like you are running errands. 

Now, what about the color black? It can be classy but you don’t want to look like you’re going to a funeral either. This is afterall, one of the happiest days in the life of the couple and you don’t want to do anything to ruin that. 

So, is it rude to wear black to a wedding?

It is not rude to wear black to a formal wedding. Black can look classy and simple, but if the wedding is casual, you may want to throw on a jean jacket with that little black dress or pair a blck suit jacket with some more casual gray pants.

Black is a more formal color and can be easily worn to formal occasions. If the wedding theme and style is formal, then black is appropriate. If it is a beach wedding, lighter colors are more appropriate. 

Let’s take a look at the opposite side of the color spectrum at white. White shouldn’t be worn at weddings since this is typically the color that the bride will be wearing. Ladies wouldn’t want to offend her and draw unnecessary attention by wearing the same color as the bride and men wouldn’t want to stand out in a white tux either as the groom could possibly wear white too. 

Most wedding dress code rules apply to women since men have it relatively easy to decide what their wedding guest attire should be. A suit and tie are always appropriate and can look sharp. But, there are some things that even the men should know such as not wearing jeans. 

Proper wedding attire is well-known, but sometimes we need a reminder. Here are a few helpful tips to help you out when you are choosing what to wear to a wedding as guest:

  1. Avoid jeans. This means jeans of any color unless you are specifically told to wear them.
  1. Women should avoid anything too tight, short, or low cut. The focus should be on the happy couple and not you. You are a guest of honor and should dress in a way that won’t make you stand out.
  1. Avoid loud colors and patterns. This can be applied to men and women. By wearing something that stands out like this, you can be distracting.
  1. Dress for the location, wedding theme, and time of day. Is it a formal church wedding in the evening? Dress in dark-colored formal, dressy attire. Is it a casual beach wedding during the afternoon? Casual, light colored flowy attire is preferred.
  1. Avoid wearing white. Any other color is appropriate. Black can be worn to formal weddings but should be avoided at casual-themed ones.

Final Thoughts

Usually, jeans are not appropriate to wear to a formal event like a wedding. They just aren’t dressy enough for the special event. but if the bride and groom have chosen a more casual style for their big day, then it could be acceptable. 

It’s recommended to check and make sure before the wedding to avoid showing up underdressed. You should not wear dark or black jeans to a wedding unless you are specifically told you can wear them either. 

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