Are Kroger’s Flowers Good? 

Are Kroger’s Flowers Good? 

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When you’re shopping around for anything, you are typically shopping around to find good value and an affordable price. However, when the price is a little too low, you start to get suspicious. If you find a typically $50 item on sale for about $5, you begin to question whether or not you are getting a good deal. 

Will this item break within a few days after purchasing? Is it already broken?

With most products, it might be best to opt for a name-brand item instead of finding something cheaper. Why should flowers be any different? There are florist shops that do a beautiful job of arranging flowers for you. However, when you’re shopping in Kroger, you see the aisle of flowers that are available. 

These flowers at Kroger are much more affordable than what you can find at the florist. This is when your suspicion intuition starts to kick in. Is there a reason that Kroger flowers are much cheaper than the florist? 

Are their flowers any good or should you just stick with paying a little extra for a florist’s arrangement? 

Kroger’s flowers are not just good, they’re great. If you are looking for a dozen roses at a reasonable price, you can find them at Kroger. 

The reason the florist’s flowers are rather expensive is that you are paying for the time the florist took to arrange the flowers and almost always the vase that it comes in as well. At Kroger, you can get the flowers cheap and arrange them yourself in your favorite vase. 

To see some popular flower arrangements that won’t break the bank too badly just click here. 

Can You Make Supermarket Flowers Look Expensive? 

One of the reasons that florists’ flowers look a bit better than supermarket ones, is that someone took the time to arrange them and place them in a vase. If you are on a budget, but still want to make your supermarket flowers look good, is there a way you can do that? 

Your husband (or you) came home with a bouquet while out grocery shopping, is there a way you can spruce them up in your vase? 

There are a few different ways you can turn that bundle of flowers into a beautiful floral arrangement. 

  • Use a smaller vase: You don’t have to keep the flowers at their tall height in the bundle, you can cut them down and arrange them in a smaller vase. After cutting a few inches off the stems, you can arrange the flowers in a small vase. 
  • Put two bouquets together: If you are wanting floral arrangements for a party you are hosting, you can purchase two bouquets at the supermarket and combine them together. You will end up with a full-looking floral arrangement. Make sure that you have a vase that’s big enough to arrange two full bouquets in. 
  • Use filler: You can add a little greenery and other items to your bouquets. There are cheap fillers that you can find, such as butterflies or hearts, that add that extra something to your bouquet. 
  • Do floating flowers: You can eliminate the stem altogether and place the flower head in the water. You can get a bowl, fill it with water, and place the flower heads on top to float. You can even dye the water for extra color. 

Is Giving Flowers As A Present A Waste Of Money? 

Giving flowers to someone is usually seen as a romantic gesture. You see it in all the movies, the guy shows up for the first date holding a bouquet of flowers. The guy messed up and made the girl upset and instantly her day is made better when he sends her a vase full of flowers. 

Do we just buy flowers as gifts because romantic movies have suggested that’s the thing to do? 

Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays, and other special occasions usually go hand in hand with flowers. If you were to enter a flower shop on Valentine’s Day, their stock might be running a little low since everyone tends to buy flowers on Valentine’s Day. 

Is this a waste of money? 

After giving your special someone their gift of flowers, they’ll just throw them away a few weeks later. If you were to buy something a little more lasting, is that better? On Valentine’s Day, you can get her a box of chocolate that will usually not last as long as the flowers, so why does buying flowers feel like a waste when buying chocolate doesn’t? 

Is it better to get a longer-lasting present for your significant other than give them flowers? 

Whether flowers are a waste of money really depends on your significant other’s point of view. If they hate throwing away any present that has ever been given to them, it might be difficult for them to accept the gift of flowers. They’ll feel compelled to keep the flowers long after they’ve wilted away. 

Other women enjoy the gift of flowers. Here are a few reasons why giving flowers is not a waste of your money. 

  • Flowers say I love you: Since flowers are typically seen as a romantic gesture, you can get them to say I love you to your special someone. You don’t even have to have a reason to buy them. You can come home with flowers and instantly your significant other will know that you were thinking of them and feel very loved. 

You can even order and send flowers to your partner’s place of work and surprise them with a big “I love you” while they’re working. Flowers are the perfect way to let someone know you love them. 

  • You can’t go wrong with flowers: Buying gifts for people can be overwhelming. You want to make sure that you get them the perfect gift and also not offend them. If you hear them say the diet starts tomorrow, then a box of chocolates might not be the gift to give. 

Some people can be very particular about the jewelry they wear and would prefer to be with you when you pick it out. Don’t even think about purchasing clothing, you could end up buying the wrong size and your thoughtful gift turns into a nightmare. 

Flowers are a simple gift that lets your significant other know that you were thinking of them and love them dearly without offending anyone. 

  • Flowers are the perfect gift for every occasion: No matter what the occasion, you can always purchase flowers. 

If someone in the hospital needs some cheering up, send a bright bouquet of flowers.

If your partner just got a promotion at work, you can take them out for dinner and give them flowers for a great job. 

Did a friend just crush their part in a play; send them flowers for a job well done. 

No matter what the occasion, you can never go wrong with a bouquet of flowers in your hand. 

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