Are Bridal Showers A Surprise?

Are Bridal Showers A Surprise?

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A surprise party can be fun and exciting. When someone isn’t expecting something to be made of their birthday, anniversary, or another special event, a surprise can show them how much you care and love them. 

So, are bridal showers a surprise?

Bridal showers aren’t usually a surprise. The bride-to-be is aware of the event before it takes place since she is the center of attention. She will be expecting a bridal shower and so she is ready for it, it’s best to not make it a surprise.

Bridal showers shouldn’t be surprising. Really, no event labeled as a “shower” is a surprise. At a shower, you give the person gifts to help them though whatever new stage of life they are entering into. This can be a bridal shower for someone about to be married or a baby shower for someone about to have a baby. 

The person for whom the party is for is expecting it. A shower is a tradition that is done and brides-to-be and expecting mothers know that they will have one. Bridal showers are special for the bride-to-be and it’s time she can dress up and receive gifts and love from her family members and friends. 

She will be expecting to have a bridal shower. But, sometimes it can be exciting for those planning the event to try to surprise her with it. 

This is a sweet and fun gesture but it isn’t necessary (and sometimes can be off putting to the bride). While some may want to surprise the bride-to-be with a party in her honor, it isn’t really worth the effort. 

Brides know that they will have a bridal shower. It’s just what is done. And they also want to look good for the event. If they don’t have a heads up about the shower, they won’t know that they need to get dressed up and do their hair and makeup which is kind of a big deal for a bridal shower. 

She may choose not to get ready that day and in which case can feel annoyed rather than just surprised. Lots of pictures are taken at a bridal shower and though she will love the thought, it can be upsetting to her that she doesn’t look nice in the pictures taken at the party.

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What Is The Point Of A Bridal Shower?

Bridal showers aren’t typically a surprise and the bride knows that she will have one sooner or later. She isn’t in charge of planning the event but she knows it will take place so she can be ready for it. 

So, what is the point of a bridal shower?

The point of a bridal shower is to show your love to the bride-to-be. You bring gifts and there is food, drinks, and games in honor of her and her upcoming wedding. A bridal shower is typically only for the bride and her female family members and friends.

So, a bridal shower is a girls only event which is usually planned without the groom. Plus, he will most likely have a bachelor party with his male family members and friends. This is different from a wedding shower which is more inclusive and can be for the groom as well. 

The bridal shower is only for the closest female family members and friends of the bride and no guys are allowed. The point of a bridal shower is to honor the bride and “shower” her with love and gifts that can help her in her new married life with her husband. 

Here is list of some of the things that might take place at a bridal shower:

  1. This event is all about the bride. This is a party specifically for her.  Her female family members and friends are invited. No guys are traditionally allowed.
  2. Gifts are given. Those invited give the bride-to-be gifts for her new life as a married woman.
  3. What takes place at a bridal shower can be customized.
  4. Games can be played. Some popular ones are He Said, She said and the newlywed game.
  5. Activities can be done. Everyone can go get their nails done, eat at a nice restaurant, or have a party in their home or church.
  6. This event can be done whenever and however you’d like.
  7. Food and drinks are served. Now, what kind is completely up to you. It can be fancy and formal, or casual and sweet.
  8. The maid of honor and bridesmaid plan the event.
  9. Encouragement is given to the bride. This may be in the form of conversion or in little speeches but it can be helpful for her to hear good advice as she enters married life. But, remember to keep it encouraging!
  10. It’s a time for the bride-to-be to relax and have fun! She has been planning and stressing about her big day coming up so the bridal shower can be the perfect time for her to stop and enjoy herself with her family and friends.

How Do I Surprise A Bride With A Bridal Shower?

If you really want to have a surprise bridal shower, you can. Just know that the bride will be expecting something so to make it a surprise may be too much work. So, how do you surprise someone with a bridal shower?

A surprise bridal shower may be what the bride needs to get her mind off of planning and stressing over wedding details. Although she will be expecting the event, there are a few things you can do to avoid this from happening.

Bridal showers aren’t usually surprises but if you want to make it one, you can. Just know that the bride-to-be will expect to have a shower sometime before her wedding. Sometimes it can be fun to be secretive and not let the bride-to-be know when her shower will be. Before you make it a surprise, it’s important to make sure she will be okay with this and is one who is all for surprises. 

Here are some helpful tips to help the surprise party go as planned:

  1. Make sure the invitations say it’s a surprise.
  2. Make sure she won’t hate the idea of it being a surprise.
  3. Have it at a venue outside of the home like a restaurant, church, etc.
  4. Make sure the bride-to-be is available on that day.
  5. Make sure she will be ready. (Dressed nicely, hair done, makeup on, etc.)
  6. Get the groom in on it.
  7. Make sure everyone gets to the party early so they can surprise her.
  8. Have all of the games and activities planned.
  9. Make sure everyone brings a gift.
  10. Make sure the bride feels pampered, spoiled, and loved.

Final Thoughts

A bridal shower is a time to show the bride-to-be how much you care about her and love her. This event usually isn’t a surprise. You can still have a surprise bridal shower, but since it is traditional to have one, the bride will be expecting it. 

Whatever you choose to do, have fun!

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