Are Publix Wedding Cakes Good?

Are Publix Wedding Cakes Good?

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Publix is a popular supermarket in the South, not only do they sell groceries but they also have a bakery. 

Getting a wedding cake from a supermarket might seem a little odd to some people but there are many supermarkets who make cakes for not just birthdays but for many other special occasions, including weddings. 

Publix wedding cakes not only taste good but also won’t break the bank. Most of the time the cake will be removed from the container long before guests arrive so no one is likely to know that it came from Publix or that you saved a small fortune on it. 

A supermarket wedding cake can be more affordable than getting a wedding cake from a bakery. 

The average cost of a Publix wedding cake that will feed 100 guests is $400. Publix offers 5 different cake flavors and 8 different types of filling. You can top your cake with one of 4 different types of icing that can come in 24 different colors. 

Couples will also meet with a Publix baker to discuss what they are wanting in a wedding cake and create a custom cake for their big day. Publix wedding cakes are a staple in the South and can actually be found at many weddings because the cakes are so good and reasonably priced.

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Why Are Publix Cakes So Good?

Publix’s bakeries make cakes for all kinds of occasions. You can order a cake for someone’s birthday, high school graduation, wedding, or another special occasion. You can even pick up a cake just for dessert on a weeknight. 

Nobody knows exactly why Publix’s cakes are so good but one common guess is that it is because of the buttercream icing. In 1957 Publix created the recipe for their buttercream icing and this recipe has been relatively unchanged since then. 

In all these years it has only had one adjustment to the original recipe. A recipe that can hold the test of time is most certainly an incredible one.

How Much Does A Publix Wedding Cake Cost?

A wedding is a special and magical occasion that many young girls dream of. So, when the day finally comes to begin planning their wedding, they probably already have a pretty good idea of what they want. 

Some people have a large wedding budget while others have a modest budget. It doesn’t matter what size of budget you have for your wedding cake, you should be able to have the cake of your dreams. 

Publix wants to help couples to accomplish this. 

You can easily custom order your wedding cake from a Publix store. You will need to give them at least a 4 week notice so that they have plenty of time to create your dream wedding cake. 

The most common wedding cake flavor is vanilla but it is closely followed by chocolate and red velvet cake. You could call and set up a tasting to see which flavor combination you want for your wedding cake. 

The nationwide average of a wedding cake is around $400 and can easily go up to $750. Perhaps this is part of the reason that so many couples enjoy a Publix wedding cake, they are so affordable. 

A 3-tier Publix wedding cake that can feed between 75 and 100 people has a starting price of just $300. Of course, the final cost of a wedding cake will depend greatly on the size, flavors, and decorations. The more elaborate a cake the more it will cost.

How Do You Get A Publix Wedding Cake?

Ordering your wedding cake is a big part of planning your wedding. It is also a fun part where the young couple can set up a tasting at the bakery of their choice to see what flavors they might want for their wedding cake. The wedding cake is the centerpiece of the reception. 

Of course, you will also be eating some on your one year anniversary, if you keep the tradition of placing the top tier of your cake into the freezer to enjoy with each other on your first anniversary. 

How would you go about ordering a Publix wedding cake? 

If you want to order a Publix wedding cake you will need to contact a Publix baker to set up a consultation, this consultation will ensure that you get the cake of your dreams. If you have no idea exactly what you want in your wedding cake you can go to their website to browse cakes before your appointment so you can see what you might be interested in. 

The Publix website has more than 45 different wedding cake styles to choose from. If you go to the weddings and special occasions part of the website you can scroll down to see what flavor options are available. 

Some of the flavor options that you have for a Publix wedding cake include vanilla, chocolate, marble, confetti, and strawberry. You can also choose a flavor combination such as chocolate and vanilla. 

You can choose a filling for your wedding cake as well. Some of the choices that will be available to you include fresh strawberry, vanilla or chocolate custard, Dulce de leche, and cannoli. 

There are several more options that can be chosen as well. The icing options include Publix’s famous buttercream, fondant, cream cheese, and chocolate fudge. If none of the flavors appeal to you there are additional flavors that you could request when you are talking with your Publix baker. 

Once you have browsed the website you can jot down a few of the cakes that have caught your eye. This will help you when you have your consultation. 

You will want to know how many guests will be attending your wedding reception to ensure that you order a cake that will be able to feed all of your guests, you wouldn’t want to run out of cake! You will need to make sure that you are giving the Publix baker at least 4 weeks advance notice before your wedding as well. 

You should probably set up your consultation with the Publix baker at least 6 weeks prior to your wedding. During your consultation a Publix baker will help you decide on the flavors, colors, style, and decorations for your wedding cake. 

It will be helpful if you bring in some color swatches so that the baker can then match your wedding colors. You could have a cake that matches perfectly to the bridesmaid dresses or the theme that you choose.  

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