Can A Bride Wear A Blue Dress? (What Does A Blue Wedding Dress Mean?)

Can A Bride Wear A Blue Dress?

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There are many traditions that take place at a wedding and one of them is the white dress worn by the bride. This dress is usually elaborate, featuring decorative qualities and its many layers of white material reach the floor. 

It’s easy to spot the one getting married by her white gown, but some modern brides are choosing to be a little more bold in the color choice of their dream day attire. She may choose a different color other than white to wear, and blue seems to be a popular choice.

Can a bride really wear a blue wedding dress?

A bride can wear a blue dress if she wants to. It’s her wedding and she can choose whatever color of dress she wants to wear on her special day. Although tradition dictates that the bride’s dress should be white if she wants to wear a blue dress there is nothing stopping her from doing so. 

A wedding is a joyful time as a couple decides to spend forever with each other. There is music, laughter, and happy tears. Vows are said and a celebration occurs after the ceremony. 

But, besides these events, the couple can choose to customize how they want their wedding to go. Everything from the decorations to what they will be wearing can be decided by the bride and groom. 

In recent years, both the bride and groom have drifted from tradition making their own statement at their weddings. White is the popular choice of color for a wedding gown but what if the bride wants to wear something a little more daring like blue? Can she wear a blue wedding dress? 

While you don’t normally see brides wearing blue gowns, they certainly can if they want to. These can be very pretty and even though it isn’t tradition, a bride can wear a blue dress if she decides that’s what she wants to do. 

What Does A Blue Wedding Dress Mean?

Maybe it started with an admiration for Cinderella’s gorgeous ball gown but blue wedding dresses have become popular choices for brides in recent years.. Perhaps it makes them feel like a princess but the color blue also has a meaning. 

So, what does a blue wedding dress mean?

The color blue represents calmness and peacefulness as well as femininity and life. Stability and security and also loyalty and purity are all represented by the color blue making it a popular wedding dress color for more modern brides.

Blue wedding dresses can be just as stunning as white wedding dresses. If you would rather ditch the white wedding dress, blue is a great color option to go with. The color blue has meaning and in blue, you will look composed and confident. Imagine a blue ocean or a blue sky and how do you feel? Happy? Peaceful? Calm? 

The color blue has connections to water and the sky and is often used to symbolize mystery, wonder, and peace. All of these qualities mentioned are what a bride wants on her wedding day. 

Many brides are opting for a light blue wedding dress to wear instead of traditional white. While white symbolizes the characteristics of the bride, the color blue symbolizes some amazing qualities as well and is a fun way to show that you don’t want to keep with tradition. 

Blue wedding dresses can be beautiful, too. 

If you have been considering wearing a blue wedding dress for your wedding, there are many to choose from. Light blue is the most popular with modern brides but there are many options of blue wedding dresses with lace or tulle, simple or elaborate. The Knot has some dreamy blue wedding dresses that are sure to catch your eye. 

On your wedding day, you want to be happy with the way you look and feel. If you want to choose a dress that fits your personality and style like a blue dress, then go for it! 

What Color Dress Should A Bride Wear?

With weddings, come a lot of traditions like the elaborate dress the bride wears. Brides are most often seen wearing a beautiful white wedding dresses. But, some non-traditional brides may want to wear a different color.

Is this ok? What color should a bride wear?

The bride can wear whatever color wedding dress she wants to. Traditionally, the bride wears white, but if she wants to wear blue, or any other color, then this is up to her! It’s her wedding day and anything goes.

Even today the most popular wedding dress color is still white. It is traditional and symbolizes purity, innocence, and virginity. It can also symbolize light and positivity. 

When you think of a bride, you think of her wearing white. 

Wedding dresses come in all shades of white from stark white to ivory. The color white symbolizes virginity and purity, but blue also symbolizes these characteristics. In fact, in historical times all the way to the 19th-century brides wore wedding dresses of all colors. They would choose their fanciest dress and they would wear them over and over again. 

Ever wonder why the white wedding dress has become so popular? In the 19th century, Queen Victoria wore a white wedding gown showing her wealth and prestige. 

From then on, it became a symbol, and eventually, over the years, brides chose to wear a white wedding gown on their wedding day. 

If you want to display your own personality and style, then you can wear any color of dress you’d like. White has become the color brides wear on their wedding day, but if a bride wants to stray from tradition, they can. Brides have been seen wearing all different colors of the spectrum dresses. 

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It doesn’t really matter what color you wear at a wedding. Although some colors symbolize important qualities of the bride, you can choose whatever color you want to wear on your special day. This is completely your choice.

Final Thoughts

Blue can be worn by the bride on her wedding day if that is what she wants to wear. Wearing a blue gown symbolizes many amazing qualities of the bride. 

Blue can be a beautiful color for a wedding dress for modern brides to show off their personality and style.

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