Can You Wear Black And White To A Wedding? (Dress/Outfit)

Can You Wear A Black And White Dress To A Wedding? (As A Guest)

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When you are invited to be a guest at someone’s wedding, you may feel some pressure as to what to wear. Are there certain colors to avoid? Do you have to wear something formal? What if you wear the wrong thing? 

While there is certainly a lot of guest etiquette that should be followed when attending the bride and groom’s special event, they aren’t too hard to follow and shouldn’t be overthought. Let’s say you’re considering wearing an outfit featuring the colors black and white, can you wear this as a guest at a wedding?

It’s acceptable to wear a black and white outfit as a guest at a wedding. You just want to avoid wearing an all-white dress or outfit since this is what the bride will likely be wearing.

You should also not wear an all-black dress as it may look like you are in mourning. But, a black and white dress or outfit is fine for a wedding guest to wear in virtually every situation.

Whether you are wondering if it is okay to wear a black suit and a white shirt or if you are wanting to wear a black and white dress it is fine to do so. Of course, this is assuming that the couple getting married didn’t specify what you should wear.

So, you can wear that black and white dress to that wedding this weekend. There is no rule saying you can’t wear black and white together at the event. No one wants to be that person at the wedding that wore the wrong thing and stand out. 

You may wonder if certain colors are ok to wear. An all-white dress is something that shouldn’t be worn of course, since that is what the bride will be wearing but a patterned outfit or one that is black and white is acceptable. 

For formal or semi-formal events, black and white can look very distinguished and not stand out too much. 

If the wedding is during the day then all black could be a little too formal or make it look like a funeral so black and white could make it look a little more appropriate for a daytime wedding. Adding pops of color can be a nice touch, too. 

Really, the best way to know what to wear at a wedding is by the invitation you received. This usually features the colors of the event as well as the location.

If it’s held at someplace that is fancy, wear something more dressy. If the wedding is held someplace a little more laid back like on the beach, in a barn, etc. wear something that is dressy but casual. 

As far as that black and white dress or outfit, yes, you can wear that to a wedding. 

Is It Ok To Wear A Black Dress To A Wedding?

So, black and white is a classic choice of attire to wear to a wedding. If it isn’t too distracting then it is fine to wear to the special event. Both black and white are dressy colors that look nice. 

But, what about an all-black dress?

It is ok to wear a black dress to a wedding especially if it is a formal occasion held in the evening. However, if it is a daytime wedding wearing all black could make it appear you are in mourning so you might want to brighten it up with a pop of color. 

For daytime or outdoor weddings, you may want to wear something more light in color but for a formal wedding, black is acceptable.

Every girl has a little black dress in her closet and if you are wondering if wearing all black is acceptable at a wedding, it is. While black is associated with funerals, it still looks dressy especially if you add some color. Now if the event is very formal, black is typically fine to wear. If the wedding is at a fancy location or in a church and is held in the evening, then black can be a nice color to wear. 

You won’t be distracting and will look nice. You can even add some color to your attire with some colorful jewelry or a shawl.

Now, if the wedding has more of a tropical vibe, then black probably isn’t the color to wear. For this, you would wear brighter and lighter colors. You also want to be careful the dress isn’t too low cut, short, or tight. Dresses that are too revealing will bring attention from other guests and you most certainly don’t want this. 

Don’t try to attract everyone’s attention to your outfit when they should all be admiring the bride. If that black dress meets these standards, then it is ok to wear to a formal wedding.

Can I Wear A Dress With White In It To A Wedding?

One way to offend the bride – wear a white dress to her wedding. She should be the only one in all white and stand out among everyone so wearing a white dress to a wedding is a big no-no. 

But, what about a dress with white in it? Can this be worn to a wedding?

You can wear a dress with white in it to a wedding but not an all-white dress. You don’t want to resemble the bride, but a dress that is patterned or printed with white in it or even a black and white dress is ok to wear as a wedding guest.

The color wedding guests wear to a wedding doesn’t really matter all that much as long as they look nice. There really isn’t a specific dress code for weddings unless the bride and groom have stated they want it to be a formal, semi-formal, casual, or beach chic event. 

The only color you should avoid is obviously all-white since that is what the bride will likely be wearing. You don’t want to wear anything that would resemble a wedding dress. The bride should stand out from everyone else in her gorgeous white gown and so it can be rude to wear a white dress to a wedding.

Final Thoughts

A white and black dress is ok to wear to a wedding as a wedding guest. This can look dressy and formal without being too flashy and loud. As a wedding guest, you want to blend in and enjoy the wedding. 

If you are ever in doubt about if you should wear a dress with white in it, black, or even a black and white dress to a wedding, it never hurts to ask the bride or someone in the bridal party if it’s acceptable. 

It’s better to know ahead of time than to show up and be embarrassed. 

But, for the most part, the only color you should avoid wearing is all-white. But, a dress with white in it is ok to wear.

As long as the dress isn’t all-white or too revealing, then it’s acceptable to wear to a wedding. Even a black dress or one with white in it can be worn to the special event. So, yes, you can wear black and white as a wedding guest to a wedding.

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