Can You Wear A White Floral/Patterned Dress To A Wedding (As A Guest)?

Can You Wear A White Floral/Patterned Dress To A Wedding (As A Guest)?

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There are a lot of wedding etiquette rules out there. Rules such as guests need to RSVP to the wedding and reception by the date requested on the invitation, this allows the bride and groom to calculate how many guests will be attending so they can correctly order the amount of food that will be needed. 

One of the biggest wedding etiquette rules that everyone seems to know is that nobody except the bride is supposed to wear white to the wedding. It is only on rare occasions that a bride will choose a color that is not a shade of white for her wedding dress. All guests should stay away from any shades of white as they should not draw the spotlight away from the bride. 

While it is common knowledge that you should not wear white to a wedding you might be wondering if it is alright to wear a patterned or floral dress that has a white background to a wedding. 

Etiquette rules state that you should not wear any white to a wedding, the only person at a wedding who should be wearing white is the bride and possibly the groom. The only exception to this wedding etiquette rule is if the bride and groom are requesting that guests wear white. 

If they want their guests to wear white, they will state this on the invitation. Even if your dress is mostly a floral pattern with large flowers scattered across it, if it has a white background then it is best if you choose a different dress to wear to the wedding.

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What Colors Are You Not Supposed To Wear To A Wedding?

With so many wedding etiquette rules out there you are probably wondering what a guest is allowed or not allowed to wear to a wedding. 

Guests should wear clothes that help them to blend in with other guests. A guest should not wear something to draw attention to themselves and away from the bride. 

Some brides will have a dress code on their invitations which will specify what guests should wear but if there is no dress code listed then there are a few things that a guest should keep in mind while planning what to wear to the wedding. 

Some colors that should be avoided when you are attending someone else’s wedding are white, cream, ivory, or any other shade of white. White is designated for the bride and groom on the day of the wedding. 

Some grooms will choose to wear white but that is a choice that the bride and groom have made together while planning their wedding. It is not acceptable for a guest to wear any shade of white even if white is the background color for a patterned dress. 

Traditionally black would be a color that would be avoided to wear at a wedding. Black is a color that is associated with mourning so it should not be worn to a wedding which is a joyous celebration. 

Avoid wearing a solid black outfit to a wedding. A little black in your outfit would be acceptable. 

Guests also might want to avoid wearing all red to a wedding. Some cultures have red wedding dresses and you wouldn’t want to wear a red dress to a wedding if that is what the bride will end up wearing. 

Also, a bride who is wearing white might feel like a guest wearing a bright red dress is upstaging her on her big day. Guests should also avoid wearing a dress that is the color of the mother-of-the-bride and mother-of-the-groom’s dresses, the bridesmaids’ dresses, or the wedding colors. 

These colors should be avoided as they are colors that have been designated for parts of the wedding party. Jewel tones, earth tones, pastels, and primary colors will usually be great color choices for outfits for wedding guests.

Can You Wear A Beige Dress To A Wedding?

Beige is a pale yellowish-brown color. This color has been described as grayish-tan, yellowish-brown, and sandy fawn. This is such a light shaded color that there might be questions as to if a person should wear it to a wedding. 

Earth tone colors are usually a great choice for a guest to wear to a wedding as you won’t have to worry about upstaging the bride on her big day. However, beige is such a pale color that many brides will not want their guests to wear beige since it is such a light shade so it should be avoided. 

A birde might feel like beige is in the off-white category of colors. Some brides are alright with guests wearing beige to their weddings while others feel like beige is a shade of white and should be avoided by guests. 

If you have any doubts about if you should wear beige to the wedding you could always ask the bride or even a close member of her family for their opinion or choose a different dress to wear. 

It is best that you not upset the bride on her big day.

What Should A Female Guest Wear To A Wedding?

What guests should wear to a wedding depends on the wedding’s dress code. There are several different dress codes for weddings depending on where it is being held and the style that the bride and groom choose. 

Typically, a wedding invitation will specify the dress code. An invitation to a wedding should tell you if the event will be black-tie, white-tie, formal or black-tie optional, cocktail, semi-formal, casual, come as you are, or concept or a themed wedding. What you wear will depend on what the dress code is for the wedding. 

A white-tie wedding is the most formal, women should wear a floor-length evening gown with jewelry, heels, and a clutch. A black-tie wedding would also require a female guest to wear a floor length evening gown. 

Black-tie optional or a formal wedding would require a female dress in a floor length evening gown or a fancy cocktail dress. A cocktail wedding would have female guests wearing a tea-length cocktail dress. These dresses should be one step above semi-formal but one below formal. 

A semi-formal wedding might also go by the term dressy-casual. If you have been invited to a wedding like this you will want to wear a dress that hits below the knee or a dressy skirt and top. A female guest could even wear an elegant pantsuit if they desire to. 

Pair the outfit with a pair of heels, dressy flats, or wedges. A floor length evening gown would not be appropriate for this kind of wedding. 

A casual wedding is a more relaxed wedding to attend. T-shirts, jeans, and shorts are probably still not going to be accepted unless it is noted as acceptable on the invitation. For a casual wedding you could wear a sundress with sandals or wedges but don’t reach for your tennis shoes. 

You could also wear a pair of nice slacks with a collared shirt. 

A concept or theme wedding can mean a great many things. Some couples might select a color theme for the wedding like black and white where they will want all of their guests to wear black and white attire. Others might pick a more specific theme like The Great Gatsby or a Hogwarts wedding. 

For a weddings like this the invitation will guide you on how to dress. A come-as-you-are wedding is more relaxed and laid back, these kinds of weddings might be held outside. Make sure that you are comfortable in what you are wearing as that is what the couple is looking for. 

They want you to come and share the joy of their big day without worrying about what you will wear.

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