Can You Wear Sandals (As A Guest) To A Wedding?

Can You Wear Sandals (As A Guest) To A Wedding?

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If you are headed to a wedding it is important to not only know what to wear but also what you shouldn’t wear.

It’s one of those things we all know, but sometimes it can get forgotten about. If you’re attending a wedding and you know you aren’t supossed to wear white, but what other rules are there? Can you wear sandals?

Well if you have your heart set on wearing sandals for this occasion, there is no need to panic as long as you follow some simple rules.

Wearing sandals with an open toe design is probably the safest option – especially if you’re in Europe where women tend to go bare foot more often than us in the USA! There is also always the risk of stepping in something slimy so bear this in mind too. However, these days many brides prefer their guests to keep their feet covered at weddings.

In fact, most venues today even request that shoes are worn indoors so don’t take any chances!

So now we’ve got the basics out of the way let’s consider whether you can actually wear them outdoors. The answer is yes – provided you stick to our tips below. Here are my top 4 reasons why you should be fine wearing sandals to your next wedding.

Sandals Can Look Great On Everyone

Everyone has different tastes which means that every single person who sees your new pair of summer heels might fall head over heals with them straight away. This doesn’t just apply to men either – think how beautiful you’ll look walking down the aisle in your little black number. Even bridesmaids would love wearing them because they won’t feel self conscious like they may if you were wearing stilettos instead (which by the way only really suit tall girls).

Wearing Sandals Can Show Respect To The Birde/Groom

Wearing high heeled pumps or boots at a wedding sends out very mixed signals. Firstly it tells people inside the venue that you value yourself above others; secondly it says “I’m here for my own gain” whilst simultaneously saying “please treat me differently from other members of society”. Neither of these messages are particularly respectful towards the bride and groom.

Plus, after all the hard work they put into planning the event, wouldn’t you want to show appreciation for their efforts rather than doing anything to undermine them?

People Will Expect Others To Wear Sandals

As long as you aren’t wearing a pair of flip flops or it isn’t the middle of winter many people will likely be wearing sandals as well.

When I was 17 years old I went to see a band called U2 play live. At one point Bono said “We’d like everybody backstage to bring two pairs of trainers each”, meaning flip flops. We did and it worked fine. But during their performance the crowd started dancing without their trainers and the next day people complained bitterly when they found out how sore their feet were.

Make sure that your sandals have plenty of support especially if you will be dancing the night away after the ceremony.

Sandals Are Practical

Whether you’re travelling abroad or staying local, sandals are easier to walk around in and less likely to damage public property such as flowers, furniture etc. As well as being easier on the eye, they provide better grip on surfaces such as grass and pavements.

Most importantly though, they allow you greater freedom of movement for dancing purposes.

For example, if you’re looking to escape quickly then having flat soles isn’t ideal. On the other hand if you’re wanting to strut your stuff on the dance floor, then having a nice pair of sandals can help you dance for hours longer than you ever could in high heels.

Now that we’ve considered everything, the final verdict is…yes you can wear sandals to weddings! However, it’s best to check first with whoever organized the function before making up your mind.

One last tip however: don’t wear sandals with socks unless absolutely necessary otherwise you could end up with smelly feet all evening. Just don’t do it!

Sandal Shopping Tips

You can find loads of cute sandals online nowadays. Look for styles that feature straps that come up far enough so your sandals won’t fall off during the wedding. Also ensure that they fit comfortably on your feet plus that they aren’t too narrow or wide around the ankles.

Try leaving room between the edge of the sole and your skin as this helps prevent rubbing and blisters forming. Make sure they offer adequate arch support too.

In summary, the main thing to remember is to stay clear of high heeled sandals or flip flop style designs. Choose something casual yet stylish that gives you plenty of comfort while still looking classy enough for the wedding. And please remember to always do what the bride wants!

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