How Long Do Tealights Burn? (Do They Burn Out On Their Own?)

How Long Do Tealight Candles Burn?

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Tea light candles are used for decorative purposes at parties, weddings, special events, etc. They provide accent lighting and don’t drip the way taper candles do. Their small flame can provide a glow to decorated tables and give a sense of calmness to those seated there. 

If you are wanting to use some tea lights for a wedding reception or another special event, You may be wondering, how long do tealights burn?

Tealight candles burn for about 3 to 5 hours. Exactly how long they will burn depends on the type of wax the small candle is made out of since some only burn for around 2 hours. Since they only burn for a few hours, tealights are perfect for shorter parties or special events.

Tealights are chosen over taper candles since they don’t drip and are small enough to put anywhere. This small candle is normally in plastic or metal cups and the name they are given is from their use in teapot warmers. 

They are also used in warming food like fondue. 

Tealights are also used in aromatherapy, for purifying the air, and most commonly as decor. Tealights can look pretty and add a touch of ambiance to the tables where guests at special events such as a wedding are seated. 

Tealights generally only burn for about 3 to 5 hours sometimes less, sometimes more depending on the type, it is. Higher-quality tealight candles burn longer. Still, this is ok for special events since they usually don’t last past this amount of time anyway.

Do Tealight Candles Burn Out On Their Own?

Tealights are so versatile and you can set them anywhere you’d like. Tealights are often set in jars, candle holders, or placed alone on tables for a glowing ambiance to whatever occasion. These small candles actually last for a while considering their size lasting about 3 to 5 hours (sometimes less or sometimes more depending on the type of tealight)

But, do tealights burn out by themselves?

Tealight candles do eventually burn out on their own. Even though tealight candles are a lot smaller than regular candles, tealights still burn for a while. As the tea light burns its wick becomes longer and burns the candle faster. After a few hours, the tealight will burn out by itself.

So, over time, tealights will burn out. This is good if you don’t blow it out for a while since it will just go out if it can’t burn anymore. 

The amount of time it takes a tealight to burn out depends on the quality of the candle, the materials it is made of, and how long it is supposed to burn. Most often, the more expensive the tealight, the higher quality it is and the longer it will burn. 

Tealight packages usually mention how long they last. But,  if they don’t mention a specific time and instead just say “long-lasting”, they probably won’t last very long. Check for a specific amount of time the tealights will burn on the package before buying them. 

Held in a variety of containers, tea lights do burn out but don’t drip since the wax stays in its container. You don’t have to worry too much about blowing them out when you are done, although it is still recommended to do so if you are able. But, if you can’t get to them before they burn out that’s fine as well since tealights will eventually just burn out by themselves. 

As far as when they burn out, tealights that are made to last for 2 hours will burn out approximately 2 hours after being lit. If you want the tealight to last for a specific amount of time, then you should check the candle’s packaging to see how long it will last and this is the time it takes until it burns out. 

So, yes, tealight candles do burn out.

How Do You Make Tealight Candles Last Longer?

Tealights are beautiful and affordable small candles that are used many times for decoration. If you are using tealights for a special event or even for your home you are probably wondering how to make them last longer. 

The reasons why are also applied to regular candles. You can help your wonderfully smelling candles to last by just following some simple steps. So, how do you make tealights last longer?

There are several ways you can make your tealight candle or any candle for that matter last longer. By following these simple steps you can help your candles last longer so you get more use out of them.

  1. Burn a new candle for more than just a few minutes. When you burn a candle for the first time, you should let the melted wax from the candle pool across the surface of the candle’s container. If you don’t, the wax will have trouble going past this point the next time it is lighted. The wax on the side will never burn and only the wax in the center will keep burning down into the candle which can cause it not to last as long.
  1. Keep the candle wick trimmed. When you trim the wick, you will get a nice and bright flame and more even burning. Trim wicks to about ¼ of an inch before you burn it. This goes for the first time as well as any time after. Make sure the candle is cooled before you remove the charred part of the wick. Then your candle is ready to light again.
  1. Don’t set the candle in front of vents, fans, or drafts. When there is a current of air flowing through the candle as it burns, this can cause it to burn unevenly and can also produce a lot of smoke or soot.
  1. Keep the wax pool free of any debris. Any debris that interferes with the candle’s wax pool can affect the chemistry of the candle and cause it to burn unevenly. You don’t want to clog the wick because then this could prevent the candle from drawing up the fragrance and diffusing its scent.
  1. Let the candle cool before you light it again. Usually, a candle in its container takes about 2 hours to completely cool. This is important for safety and function. You don’t want to try to trim it when the wax isn’t hardened and is still hot. You may burn your fingers. Even though it may seem like a while, you should wait until the candle is cooled to light it again.

Final Thoughts

Tealight candles burn for about a few hours. Some may burn shorter and some longer depending on the quality of the candle it is. They also will eventually burn out. 

Tealights are beautiful lighting decorations that can usually last through your 3 to 5-hour event.

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