How Much To Give For A Wedding You Don’t Attend

How Much To Give For A Wedding You Don't Attend

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Weddings are a special event where guests are invited to share in one of the happiest and most important moments in a couple’s life. If you have been invited to a wedding but know you can’t make it, then you probably still want to give the bride and groom a gift. Especially if they are close to you. 

But, it may be awkward trying to figure out what and how much to give. How much money should you give for a wedding that you dont attend?

You can give whatever you like to the happy couple, but the average wedding gift usually costs around $50 to $100. It is recommended to spend around $50 on a wedding gift or to give $50 to the couple as a gift if you aren’t attending the wedding.

If you are close to them like a friend or family member, it is recommended that you give a little more. Now, how much you give for a wedding depends on how much you’re able to give and how much you want to give. 

There is not a set amount that you have to spend on the couple. 

I’m sure they wouldn’t want you to go into debt over a gift from them. But, the gift should be thoughtful and something that they need as they begin their new life together. 

Sometimes you simply cannot make it to a wedding that you were invited to because of life, work, plans, etc. If you still want to give a gift, there isn’t a specific type of gift or amount of money that you have to give the couple. This decision is entirely up to you. 

Your relationship with them will have a lot to do with how much you give them and if you are a close friend or family member, you may want to give more than someone who hardly knows them. 

On avenger people spend around $50 to $100 on most wedding gifts.

If you are wondering what to give the couple, money is alway something that is appreciated. They can use this as spending money on their honeymoon or for something they need that they did not receive. The couple’s wedding registry will also have many ideas of gifts you can give them. 

These are gifts that they chose themselves and that they want for their new home. 

If you cannot afford anything too expensive, don’t worry! It’s not about how much you give the couple so something personalized or handmade makes great gifts, too. If you put thought and your personality into it, then they will appreciate whatever you give them. 

So, if you can’t attend a wedding but still want to give the couple a gift, there isn’t a set amount you have to give and ultimately the decision is up to you.

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Is It Bad Etiquette To Not Attend A Wedding?

Life can get busy and sometimes you may not be able to make it to a wedding you were invited to. It’s still neat to give the couple a gift and know you care about them. 

If this is the case, is it a bad thing not to attend a wedding and just send the couple a gift?

You don’t have to attend a wedding if you aren’t able to. Although the happy couple will want you to be there, they will understand if you cannot make it for one reason or another. If you aren’t able to attend a wedding, send a gift to the couple anyways.

There are many reasons why one cannot attend a wedding. Not attending without a reason can be rude to the bride and groom who thought very carefully about who they wanted to be at their wedding. But sometimes you can’t make it because of work, plans, sickness, or finances. 

This is acceptable and understood. 

But, even if you can’t attend a wedding, it is always a good idea to give the newlyweds a gift. This can be whatever you choose and doesn’t have to be very expensive. This decision is yours and you can choose to give them money in a card or a gift they can use for their new married life together. 

But, if they invite you to the wedding and you can’t be there, it is fine not to go, but it is nice and thoughtful to at least send a gift to show them that you were thinking of them on their big day. 

What Are The Best Gifts For Weddings?

There are many things you can choose to give as a wedding gift. Some are traditional while others can be more unconventional. It is best to know what the couple is like and choose a gift from them that is special. 

So, what are some of the best gifts for weddings?

Many gifts fall into the category for best wedding gifts. While money is a top choice, many household products or small kitchen appliances make excellent gifts for the couple’s new home together. Wedding gifts are typically things that the couple will use in their new married life.

When you are choosing what to give a couple for their wedding, think about who they are. If they already have a lot of house or kitchen things, then something more personalized and unique can be a great gift. Something that they need for their home is always needed and a gift that is cute or cool can be fun. 

So, the decision is your what you want to give the happy couple but here are some ideas and common wedding gifts given to the bride and groom:

  • Money – Yes, everyone likes to be given money. The couple can use money for whatever they need, making it one of the best wedding gifts to give and receive. 
  • Kitchenware – this includes all kitchen stuff ranging from silverware to mixing bowls, it’s all needed if the couple will be cooking in their kitchen often.
  • Bamboo cutting board – This serves two purposes since it is both durable and decorational. Some bamboo cutting boards can be personalized.
  • Vacuum – This isn’t beautiful or elegant but it is useful and will be needed. And if it is given as a wedding gift, then the couple won’t have to go out and buy one themselves.\
  • Home decor – Some pretty pictures or couch pillows can help make their home theirs as they begin their new life as Mr. and Mrs. (just don’t get too personal with decor as they may not have the same style that you do). 
  • Towels – This is another thing that is much needed. Getting the couple some nice towels will be appreciated and sometimes you can even get them personalized.
  • Blankets – This can help make their home comfy and cozy. You can get some blankets personalized with a photo or their married name such as Mr & Mrs…
  • Personalized gifts – Personalization makes the gift extra special for the newly weds. There are many types of personalized gifts on Amazon, Etsy, etc.

Final Thoughts

You can choose how much and what to give as a wedding gift regardless of if you are attending or not attending the wedding. Sometimes, you can’t make it to the special event, but it is still nice and thoughtful to give the bride and groom something. 

However,  it doesn’t have to be really expensive to be appreciated. 

The average amount that is given to newlyweds is around $50 to $100. But, you don’t have to give a certain amount as a gift to a couple whose wedding you aren’t attending. As long as they know you were thinking about them on their big day they will be happy with anything you get them. 

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