Should You Send Out Engagement Announcements Or Not?

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Should You Send Out Engagement Announcements?

Engagements are important, significant events. However, they are not weddings. For that reason, many people may actively wonder in today’s day and age whether or not they still need to send out engagement announcements.

Though you may be excited to go and tell everyone that you know about the moment, it is not always easy to figure out how to do that. Is it correct to jump on social media right away? Or is there a better option?

Engagement announcements may seem like a thing of the past, but they can still go a long way in today’s society. This article will go over the question of whether or not engagement announces are, in fact, necessary.

A Thing of the Past?

The big question when figuring out whether or not to send out announcements is, do people do it anymore? Engagements, as mentioned, are extremely important events that hold a lot of weight.

However, in today’s digital age of here and now, people tend to skip any formal announcements and tell people of the engagement over social media. That is not necessarily a bad thing.

A caption on Facebook or a post on Instagram with a few choice and tasteful emojis can be cute, and they go a long way towards letting everyone in your life know about the big event.

In fact, many people go that route and then, rather than sending out announcements, they simply do save-the-dates instead.

Even so, that does not mean you have to go that route. There is something classic about an announcement, which can draw people in or make them feel special.

At the end of the day, sending out announcements is a personal choice.

Many people see it as an outdated, antiquated practice that no longer needs to exist as a result of modern technology.

However, a lot of people also view them as a great way to kick off your wedding preparations and let everyone know of the news in a more personalized way.

Announcements: Cons

Sending announcements has its pros, but it also has a few downsides as well. Breaking down both sides of the argument will better help you know if you want to send them or if you’d prefer a different method.

While announcements look nice and come with an extra bit of flair, they are also expensive. Of course, e-mails, while lacking a bit of that connection, are a cheaper option. However, if you want to go the paper route, it is going to add some money onto your budget (depending on how many people you want to send them to).

Social media, as mentioned, has made the announcement process much easier. Rather than bothering to write up a full script, you can simply make an interesting post. It is easy, takes just a few seconds, and won’t cost a dime.

Announcements: Pros

On the flip side, while there is no doubt that writing a full announcement and sending it out (either digitally or through the mail) does take more time and thought, you also can dress those up a lot more.

Rather than only being able to add a few characters for flair, you’ll have the option to fully customize your announcements with colors, picture, and a theme. Even something as simple as a floral border or bright color palette can go a long way.

In-person announcements can also be embossed or written on special parchment for that extra bit of special feel.

Sending out engagement announcements is not something you just do on the fly. It requires planning and careful practice.

However, if do you plan to send them out, there are a few things you need to know. The following sections will cover those aspects to give you a much more complete picture of what goes into a modern announcement.


Letting Loved Ones Know

Before we get into the individual logistics of sending out announcements, you first need to analyze the different steps that go into properly telling people about your engagement.

Typically, even if you plan on sending out announcements, you first need to go out and let everyone in your immediate life know about the big news.

Though you can send them announcements as well (which is a good way to ensure everyone feels included) letting them know first gives them the respect they deserve for being the first ones in the loop.

It also has the added bonus of enabling you to get out some of the original excitement you might feel about being engaged.

This step should include all close relatives, siblings, parents, and children. The best way to do this is on the phone or in person. In person is a bit more impactful but, of course, it is not always possible for people who live far away.

From there, you need to figure out how you want to send out your announcements and what you want them to be like.

Though people often only focus on weddings, there is no doubt that engagements matter as well. They are significant life events and should be treated as such.


The Email Route

Engagement announcements have a certain charm to them that can go a long way. They add extra intrigue to your special moment and can even increase general excitement.

Once you decide you want to send announcements you next need to figure out if they’re going to go out via email or traditional mail.

If you choose the electronic route (for ease or to save some paper) you can simply tweak them on your computer and send them out.

The big advantage of this method, besides the easy customization, is that you know they will be delivered as soon as you hit send. That eliminates waiting times and gets your plans out right away.


Using the Mail System

On the other hand, mail is a more traditional method that has a certain old-school charm that emails lack. Announcements through the mail can set the tone for your future wedding because they come with a certain weight and purpose.

A solid piece of paper in the mail shows your future wedding guests that your engagement is important. That then carries over to your wedding.

You also have the option to customize real-life announcements as much as you want. Not only does that include different fonts, but it also means you can set the tone. You can be quirky, funny, or more serious, dependent on whatever you want to convey.

If you’re stuck or just want ideas, there are many free engagement announcements on Punchbowl. Don’t be afraid to look for inspiration.

Putting Together a Wedding List

Another great reason to send out engagement announcements is because it helps you build a list for your wedding.

Though you can send an announcement to people who won’t be at the wedding, most of the time the rule is to send them out to your guests.

This works on two levels.

One, deciding who to send out the announcements to will tackle one of the largest parts of building your wedding.

It is never easy to know whom to invite, and making that decision early on (with a little bit of wiggle room throughout the following months) takes a lot of pressure off down the line.

Two, a wedding invite soon after the engagement announcement reinforces to the people who got one that they matter and play an important part in your life.

Sending the announcement and save-the-date back-to-back (that meaning a few months apart) is a great way to go the extra mile for your guests and make them feel special.


Using the News

If you want to announce your engagement but don’t want to send out through the mail, you also have the option of putting the news in your local newspaper.

This may seem like an odd route, but it is an extremely effective and fun way to break the mold.

Simply call or email the paper where you want the story to show up, and they will make it happen. There might be a small fee, but it is rarely that much.

A published announcement will often mention certain details about you and your future spouse. That includes your parents’ names, career details, place of residence, and educational details.

You can pick and choose what information you want in there, but those are the basics. Add in more if you’d like.

You can go this route in addition to individual announcements as well.

To Send Announcements or Not to Send Announcements

There is no right answer to the question, “should I send out engagement announcements?” That heavily depends on your personal preferences, your wedding tone, and your future guests.

The pros are apparent, as are the cons. Rather than giving you a set answer, this guide presents both sides to help you figure out the announcement form that works for you.

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