How Long Does A Mani Pedi Take?

How Long Does A Mani Pedi Take?

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Getting your nails done for a special occasion? This can be relaxing and make your nails look beautiful. If you are planning on visiting a nail salon to get a mani pedi, and need to know how long you will spend there, you may be wondering, how long does a mani pedi take?

You can expect to be at a salon for around 30 to 60 minutes when getting a mani pedi done. This all depends on the type of mani pedi you are getting since some are basic while others are more complicated and involve more work.

This is actual time to get the mani pedi done so if you have to wait to get into the chair then you can expect this time to be longer. 

Getting your nails done is relaxing and makes them look beautiful. Everyone likes to get pampered every now and then. Having your nails treated to look great can make you feel more put together and attractive, especially if you are going to a special event. 

The shaping and painting your nails on your hands, this is called a manicure. If you are shaping and painting your toenails, this is called a pedicure. Going to a salon where they professionally do manis and pedis can be enjoyable as you just sit back and relax while they cut, file, and paint your nails so they look neat and attractive. 

Getting your nails done actually has a lot of benefits. Keeping your nails in shape keeps them healthy and having them painted makes them look better. You can get your nails done for special occasions such as weddings, parties, or just because. 

It usually only takes around 30 to 60 minutes to get your nails done at a nail salon. But, this depends on the type of nail treatment you are receiving. Some that are more work or have more involved in doing them such as a French mani pedi can take longer than others like just the basic mani pedi. 

But, generally, it doesn’t take too long for a mani pedi and you are usually finished within a half hour to an hour. You can also get a mani pedi kit to do your nails at home. The most popular kits can be found by clicking here. 

What Is Included In A Mani Pedi?

If you have never had a mani pedi before, you are definitely missing out. These nail treatments can help keep your nails healthy to have them trimmed and also make them look more attractive to have them polished. It’s a lot easier than doing your nails yourself at home. 

Although you may dish out a lot of money (around $35 each but this depends on the type of nail treatment you are getting) for a mani pedi, they are great for making your nails look better. They don’t take long since you will only be in the salon for about a half hour to an hour.

If you need more done to your nails, this can increase the time you are in the salon. So, what is included in a mani pedi?

A mani pedi is having your nails on both your hands and feet done. This nail treatment includes soaking, scrubbing, moisturizing and massaging as well as clipping, cutting, filing, and polishing the nails to make them healthier and look beautiful.

Some types of mani pedis involve more work to do and will take longer to do. If you just get a mani or just a pedi then this, of course, won’t take as long as if you get both your hands and feet done. 

Here is a list of the types of mani peds that are usually available at nail salons and the average amount of time it takes for each:

  1. Basic mani pedi – Takes about 30 minutes. As the most basic option of mani pedis you can get, this includes soaking your hands/feet which removes dead skin cells and soothes your cuticles. Then the nails are cleaned, clipped and filed and a moisturizer is applied. The nails are polished with your color of choice. For a basic pedi, after the feet are soaked, they are scrubbed to remove all of the dead skin. After the toe nails are clipped and filed, you get a leg massage with a moisturizer and then the nails are polished.
  1. French mani pedi – Takes about 45 minutes. This is a popular mani pedi treatment and includes the soaking, scrubbing and moisturizing of the basic treatment. But what’s different about the french mani pedi is that white tips are added to the ends of the nails and shaped into more square edges to complete the iconic french mani pedi.
  1. Reverse French mani pedi – Takes about 45 minutes to an hour. This is the same as the French treatment including the soaking, scrubbing, and moisturizing, and the white on the nails. Except for the treatment, the white (or light color) is applied to the cuticle instead of the nail tips.
  2. American mani pedi – Takes about 45 minutes to an hour. This nail mani pedi treatment is the same as the others including soaking, scrubbing, and moisturizing except the nails are more rounded and neutral colors are applied to the nail tips.
  1. Gel mani pedi- Takes about 45 minutes. This is the same as all of the other nail treatments we have mentioned. You get the soak, scrub, and moisturizer but the difference is in the type of polish used to paint the nails. Instead of regular nail polish , gel (sometimes called shellac) is a type of polish that is painted on the nails and then cured with UV light. Multiple coats are done and cured with the UV light to give the nails a chip resistant finish. Gel polish lasts a lot longer on the nails than regular polish does.
  1. Paraffin mani pedi – Takes about 50 minutes. If you have dry hands or feet, you can get a paraffin treatment which includes infusing the skin with paraffin wax leaving them softer and smoother. Usually this treatment follows any basic massage and polish treatment done to the hands and feet.

Final Thoughts

The average amount of time you will spend at the salon for a mani pedi is around 30 to 60 minutes. This depends on what type of treatment you are getting since some take longer than others. But, usually a mani pedi doesn’t take too long. 

Mani pedis are relaxing and make your nails look better. If you are getting your nails done for a special event like a wedding, party, or simply just because, you can expect to spend a half hour to an hour at the nail salon.

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