Orchids. No, lilies. No, azaleas, for sure.

Are those the thoughts going through your head right now?

Planning a wedding can be tough and filled with stress, indecision, and anxiety with the weight of wanting to plan the perfect wedding.

The wedding industrial complex is huge and sprawling, leading to the kind of good kind of evil result of way too many options.

Instead of being a deer in the headlights, frozen by the overwhelming options, let’s figure out a smaller task on which you can start.

From bouquet styles to flower types to colors and arrangements, walking into a florist’s shop can be a dizzying array of potential vibes.

When you are trying to plan for what you want to be the most perfect day of your life, every detail can feel like a lot of pressure to get it absolutely right. Adding on, you have probably never done things like picking out floral arrangements for a wedding before.

How do you get it right, presuming you are not going to get a second chance at it?

Fear not!

The most complex projects can be carried out with the utmost success if only they are broken down into smaller, more manageable tasks that help you get your head around the project. You need to find a point where you can break into the world of options and narrow it down.

Before it gets overwhelming, let us break down how you can  pick the perfect florist and arrangements for you.

10 Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Florist

wedding flowers

Every project can be broken down. Here’s ten tips that can make choosing a wedding florist for your important day easier than tasting cake.

wedding bouquets

What is your color scheme?

wedding florist

How will the flowers fit into the decor?

wedding flower arrangement

What kind of bouquet do you want?

floral centerpieces

Do you want floral centerpieces? What kind?

wedding arrangement

What kinds of arrangements has this florist made in the past?

wedding aisle flowers

What flower options do you have to fit into the vibe for which you are striving?

wedding aisle flower bouquets

What is their pricing?

wedding party

Do you have friends you can ask about their experiences with this florist?

wedding rings on basket

How flexible and willing to meet and work with you are they?

customer deals

Do they have a history of reliably delivering on the agreed upon deal?

The Takeaway

There is always pressure to make your wedding day as perfect as it can be, but choosing a florist does not have to be a decision that weighs heavy on your plate.

This massive part of wedding planning carries with it many different facets to consider. Colors, flowers, bouquets, arrangements, and making sure it fits with the vibe of the rest of your wedding are all important to take into account.

Break it down. Take it step by step and narrow it down. First, what color? What flowers are available in that color? What arrangements can this florist produce?

Take the the time to answer these questions early in your search and thereby break down the task at hand into easy-to-do steps. Then you’d realized meeting your floral soulmate might was easier than meeting your actual soulmate after all.

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