An In-depth Review Of Macy’s Bridal Registry And Its Competitors

Macy’s Bridal Registry

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A Review of Macy’s Bridal Registry

So youre getting married, Yippee!

As Im sure youve already experienced, youve been bombarded with a million things you must do, need to do, and want to do before the big day arrives.

Many of those to-do things arent too fun to figure out such as assigning dining seating, booking a DJ, picking floral arrangements, and on top of that all, financial budgeting. However, instead of groaning while adding picking a bridal registry to the list, Im here to help turn that frown upside down.

What exactly is a bridal registry anyways, you may ask? A bridal registry is the way in which you will be able to request all your wedding gifts. As newlyweds, you and your hubby will probably have lots of needs. Bridal Registries were created so that all of those needs can get taken care of by guests of the wedding.

Through a registry, a couple can register items that they want and need all away on one site so that curious wedding attendees will know what to gift the happy couple on their big day. Having a registry is extremely important so that people can know what to get you.

There are many different places with which a bridal registry can be started, and if youve peaked a glance at the options yet, then you know how stressful of a decision it can be. Now, Im not here to tell you which Bridal Registry is going to fulfil all your wildest dreams.

Instead, Im here to give an honest review over a well-known and loved company that is near and dear to all of our hearts, Macys. Lets take a look and see how Macys Bridal Registry works.

What is Macy’s Bridal Registry and How Does It Work?

couple is Macy's wedding registry

Getting started is as simple as knowing your fiancé, wedding date and the number of expected attendees. So, for an unmarried bird like me, one can only imagine my boyfriends surprise when he saw that I had registered us at Macys for our wedding.

After explaining to the boy that I was in fact not planning our nonexistent wedding, getting set up wasnt hard and in less than 5 minutes, I was in! The first thing I scrolled to was the registry guide, which I was super excited to click on. . . and then mildly disappointed.

All the guide entailed was lists of other peoples registry items. Macys referred to these random people as Influencers and their boring itemized registry lists were displayed in a way that made me feel like I should care, but I definitely didnt.

It would have been more helpful if Macys would have provided users with a suggested checklist of items each newlywed should have. Next, I looked at their Curated Collections, which were basically items with the same overlying theme put together.

These lists were somewhat helpful, however, the best thing I found on the website were categories titled, Gifts Under where each item in that category was under the amount listed. Come on, who doesnt like finding gifts under $50?!

One thing that Macys had was this thing called The Elite 7, which was basically just a list of 7 more reasons why someone should register through Macys. However, all they seemed to be offering were added discounts on items, reward points and bonus discounted offers. I kind of felt like it was all about the money, which I didnt appreciate.

All in all, the website was semi user-friendly, however, I can definitely see how questions may likely arise. However, I was able to find Macys Frequently Asked Questions page over the matter to help answer any and all future questions (and I have a feeling there are going to be many).

Everyone Loves Macy’s, Or Do They?

Macys is famous, everyone knows the name and the connotations behind it. I mean heck, this store even has its own parade! However, when I decided to read up on some reviews of having a bridal registry at Macys, I was unpleasantly surprised. Apparently, Macys has pissed a bunch of brides off.

I scrolled relentlessly through angry reviews on top of angry reviews about packages not being shipped to the right address and gifts not being properly labeled so that the receiver knew who sent what. The annoying theme seemed to be that although the employees were happy and helpful in the store, some of the other logistics surrounding this registry are faulty.

Frustrated and annoyed women have flocked to the internet to spew their opinions over having a Macys Bridal Registry. Reading in between the lines, I tried to take each review with a grain of salt.

However, with that being said, most of the things these women are complaining about I honestly completely understand, because when you have a million family members to write Thank You notes for and you have no idea who to thank for what, problems arise, frustration begins, wine bottles become opened and angry Yelp reviews get typed!

Other Bridal Registry Faves (Similarities and Differences)

After registering for my nonexistent wedding (sigh) through Macys registry, I decided to do some more research to see what all else was out there. And Holy Moly are there a crap-ton of options. From a fully online experience to creating a unique one of a kind registry, the options are endless!

  • Crate and Barrel: Modern houseware lovers, this shop is for you. As a thank you for deciding to use them for your wedding needs, couples will be given a best-selling set of stemless wine glass accompanied by an embroidered bag
  • Bed Bath & Beyond: One stop shop convenience offering tons of brands and products that most places cant beat. Bed Bath & Beyond also provides free announcement cards so that one can stylishly inform friends and family where they have registered.
  • Williams-Sonoma: Alright food lovers and entertainers, this registry is for you. This shop is full of professional-grade cookware, dinnerware, entertainment furniture pieces and stylish home décor. They also offer a post-wedding 10% discount for up to half a year following the wedding, which Ive actually been surprised to see offered on numerous sites.
  • checkAmazonWedding registries are taking a turn towards the digital age with a universal registry. Amazon makes it super easy to add items not available on Amazon to your registry, creating an even bigger selection for you.
  • checkBlueprint RegistryTaking Registrys to an all new level, this all-inclusive unique site allows you to register products from any store and site. The options are limitless as couples can register for cash-based gifts, workout classes and even receive donations for your favorite charity. Two weeks after your wedding Blueprint Registry will send a master list of each gift received, who it was from and a return guide to make sending Thank Yous a breeze.

As you can see, the options seem endless when trying to figure out which Registry is the right place for you and your love. Just take a deep breath, do some research and smile (this is supposed to be fun!) Registrys are really just an online wish-list, so after you make the tantalizing decision of where to register, the rest (the online shopping part) is easy to complete and oodles of fun.

Macy’s Bridal Registry: Yay or Nay?

So whats the final verdict you ask? Is Macys the place to register for your happily ever after?

Well snap guys, only you can make the final decision for yourselves!

From what Ive found Macys seems like a viable option, however, I would still conduct thorough research on all of the competitors before settling with the good ol store in the mall.

Ill admit the negative customer reviews online were a little off-putting because ensuring gift package arrival is a huge portion of the equation! Through personal experience with website navigation problems and hearings tales of gift receiving difficulties, my overall rating of Macys Bridal Registry is the equivalent to a glass filled halfway with water. Some would excitedly claim I have a half-full glass while others would complain that my drink was looking a little on the low side.

To wrap things up, I caution you brides to be brave, hold your head up and continue researching so that the perfect decision can be made. Your dream registry is out there, now all you have to do is go get it!

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