Beautiful Wedding Veils for Your Princess Day

Beautiful Wedding Veils for Your Princess Day

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A bride, all regal and white, is the spitting image of a timeless tradition. A tale as old as time as Disney might say, in which a woman is made into a Princess all in the transformation of one day.

What may seem like a trivial accessory is, in fact, an important centerpiece, contributing to the entirety of the ceremony. Originally, the veil is known to signify the moment of all moments, when the Father of the Bride gives away his beloved daughter. A catalyst of emotions has always surrounded the picturesque moment when Daddy dearest lifts his little girl’s veil, giving her away to another man to hold and protect.

With that being said, it is obvious that no bride’s look would be rendered complete without a veil.

The veil undoubtedly always makes an appearance in wedding photos, therefore, what may seem like a simple accessory could be the make it or break it factor for flawless wedding photos. This headpiece is a very important part of your costume, therefore it’s important to make sure the right one for you is picked out!

When I think of choosing a veil, I automatically think of the scene in Harry Potter where he is trying to find his perfect wand. Only one is right for him, and although it takes some time and patience to find, once that perfect wand meets Harry’s outstretched hand, the whole world is still.

Let the world be still again as everyone at your wedding looks at you and all of your majestic beauty. This day is yours and your veil is going to help be the statement piece your ensemble was looking for.

Comparison Table

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How We Chose Our Ratings

Beautiful Wedding Veils for Your Princess Day

Image Via pexels

I’ve looked over these beauties carefully, inspecting them as if they were going on my own head for my special day. There is no way I want you to look like a mess on your wedding day, so trust me I won’t allow it!

Us women have got to start helping each other out and looking out for one another.

The list below encompasses my personal favorite wedding veil styles. Each one providing a different look and feel, as every bride is different and needs an array of options to suit her likings.

Top 10 Wedding Veils

There are almost more versions of wedding veils than there are wedding dresses it seems like! I completely understand now how women will lose their minds trying to keep all of this wedding stuff straight. Because holy moly is there a lot for one little bride to get done before her bid day!

Below you will find a list of complied veil types that I find to be the best options for all of your celebratory marital day needs.

Cathedral Veil

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This one is my all-time favorite simply because it’s by far the most dramatic of all veils, trailing whimsically down the bodice of the gown. The Cathedral is the longest of the veil styles, as it stunningly extends far behind the bride.

However, be forewarned this veil type requires loads of assistance, what with helping to straighten and spread the gorgeous fabric everywhere you go. This veil is known to appear magnificently in wedding photos but then can never seem to be found when the reception rolls around. Hmmm, coincidence? I think not.

Juliet Cap Veil

This smaller veil is known as a vintage statement piece from the 1920s and 1930s. The veil wraps around the top of the head or forehead like a hat, creating a cap-like appearance. This style goes great for Great Gatsby and Art Deco themed weddings. However, I also find it to be the perfect alternative for a chic bride who doesn’t want to deal with the nuances that come along with a long flowy veil.

Birdcage Veil

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I absolutely LOVE this veil; however, it’s ranked third on my list because of the unpopularity that usually surrounds unconventional wedding garb. This veil is a short piece that typically covers the forehead down to the chin of the bride. These wedding veils are usually made with Russian netting and convey an extremely vintage vibe.

Ballet Length Veil

The Ballet Length Veil falls around the back of the bride’s knees, usually featuring multiple tiers, this romantic bridal look is very dreamy.

This soft look gives off the appearance of the long look without having to worry about tripping over your veil all night. Or even worse, having it stepped on by others (gasp). Throw those worries out the window with this option.

Fingertip Length Veil

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These veils are usually very light and made with soft illusion tulle. Quite often these veils feature raw cute rounded edges on the bottom giving off a serene essence to the lucky lady wearing it. These veils add just enough of an elegant touch without overwhelming the entirety of the look.

Think Kate Middleton’s veil if you need a better mental image, and while speaking of Royalty I feel it is important to mention how just like each Queen needs her headpiece, the veil is equivalent in utmost importance to a princess tiara.

Chapel Length Veil

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The Chapel Veil is the less dramatic version of my favorite veil, the Cathedral Veil. This piece is very formal and falls all the way to the ground, spreading a few inches behind the bride’s dress.

Blusher Length Veil

This is the type of veil I was referring to in the first paragraph when I mentioned the Father giving away his daughter. This traditional veil is short, thin and covers the brides face stopping at the shoulders. These are the classic types of wedding veils that are often flipped before the first kiss in movies.

Mantilla Veil

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This timeless look is for the bride who wants a low hairstyle. This single-layer veil is trimmed with lace around the edges and worn flat on top of the head about 2 inches from the hairline and should drape over the shoulders.

Elbow Length Veil

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The elbow length veil falls somewhere between the shoulders and elbow and is usually worn higher up on top of the head to create a retro 60s look.

Dupatta Veil

This long veil is traditionally worn by Indian brides. The style covers the head and shoulders and is typically adorned with intricate beading and embroidery. It is made of bright cloth, creating a very fine and regal look.

Pick the perfect veil for your needs. Wedding pictures are nice, dramatic headpieces are awesome, but headaches aren’t. So make sure to choose a veil that isn’t going to give you a nervous breakdown the day of your wedding when it’s getting caught in your updo.

Buyer’s Guide to Picking the Perfect Veil

Beautiful Wedding Veils for Your Princess Day

Image Via pexels

My advice is to figure out what you want before you even step foot into a store. As it’s soooooo much easier to step into a bridal store knowing the type of veil you’re on a mission to find, instead of just stepping in and browsing through them all. You’ll find yourself perusing through tulle for the rest of your life if you do it the hard way!


As we have talked about above, the length of the veil really determines what sort of look you’re going for. So depending on your personality, fashion style and dress design, the length of the veil can (and will) vary.


The fabric chosen for your veil is another important factor because different fabrics give off completely different vibes. While tulle creates a very light look, other elements such as chiffon, organza and satin give off a completely different overall feel.


Layers aren’t just for your hair if you know what I’m saying. Layered veils have been a thing for as long as veils have been around. Tiered wedding veils are a great option to help unleash the complete princess inside of you as different veil tiers can have different things from embroideries to embellishments.

Additional embellishments

It’s all about that bling! Well technically speaking, the most important bling is for that perfectly manicured left hand of yours, but this is close enough. How simple or sparkly do you want to make your veil? We’ve got crystals, pearls, rhinestones and more to bedazzle that headdress of yours.


Always consider the location of the event before picking a veil! Gah, I can’t stress the importance of this enough. The whole point of the veil is to enhance the appearance of the person wearing it, and that mission can’t be completed if the wind is blowing the veil into the bride’s face as she is trying to say her vows. Take your location, the time of the year, season and even time of day into consideration when making a veil decision.

Take That Veil for a Spin

There are so many things to consider when choosing the right wedding veil for you. From trying to perfectly match it to the dress, to figuring out its compatibility with your hairstyle, when the time to make a decision comes, things can get pretty sticky. That’s why I hope this veil guide has at least helped to answer some of your headpiece questions.

In conclusion, I challenge you brides to persevere and hold your beautifully veiled heads up triumphantly. Your wedding day is going to be just as perfect and you will look. You go girl.

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